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BO VAPING Mi5 E-Liquid Caps (pack of 3)


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Mi5 pods from BO Vaping contain a classic mild tobacco flavour e-liquid. Each BO E-Liquid Cap contains 1.5ml of e-liquid.

A powerful e-liquid for those loose leaf tobacco lovers, the subtle wood chip aroma and taste of BO Vaping’s MI5 liquid is intense enough to quench any thirst for a strong tobacco hit, but mild enough to work as an all day vape, whatever the weather or season. BO Vaping refill caps are easily changed on the go or thrown into a pocket, made to work seamlessly with their refined range of vape pens and box mods. The e-liquid is contained in a stylish, futuristic style minimalist capsule and they arrive in packs of three.

Nicotine (mg)

8 MG, 16 MG

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