What’s the best temperature for vaping weed

An advantage of vaping weed or hemp flowers is having control over the said temperature. When you smoke, nothing is stopping the bud from reaching temperatures as high as 4000° F (or 2200° C).

In this article, we have detailed three temperature ranges and highlighted their differences and advantages.

Bear in mind that everyone’s experience can differ depending on a few key factors. For instance, two weed vaporizers set to the same temperature may sometimes generate a different type of vapour. 

Also, each strain comprises different levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, which brings about their smell, taste, and effects. 

These organic compounds volatilize at various temperatures and will alter the experience.

Use this guide to play around with different settings.

Lightly toasted Vape

This falls between 325-350°F and 163-177°C.

The main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis contains a boiling point of 315° F (157° C). 

You would not want to go anything lower than 325° F (163° C), particularly if you want to feel something when smoking. Low temps would possibly appeal to you if you want to make the best out of the flavour from your bud. 

It generates a fresh taste, with citrusy and/or piney undertones.

Vaping this way, the vapor will be much cooler, and less harsh on the throat, so you probably won’t cough as much. However, the possible side effects include paranoia, red eyes and cottonmouth. If you are awake, low temp vaping can give you the feeling you want, without burning you out for the day. This is the ideal setting for newcomers and lightweights who don’t want to get too intoxicated.

It is an intense terpene flavor that is fresh, citrus and piney best suited for getting chores done and for newcomers, lightweights or flavor chasers

With this, you have a cooler vapor and cough less. When vaping weed, vaper would experience light euphoria, calming, and invigorating.

Decreased side effects include lethargy, anxiety, red eyes, dry mouth etc.

Half baked Vape

This category falls between 350-400°F and 177-204°C.

It is a safe niche to start when you are still trying out marijuana or any form of legal CBD cannabis like CBD flower buds. 

 In this range, you will get plenty of terpenes, but with more access to cannabinoids. The vapor here is thicker and warmer. You will also taste more of the cannabinoids, which can give it a vibrant flavor. The warm vapor is gratifying for transitioning smokers.

The psychoactive effects when vaping will be noticeably stronger at these temperatures primarily because more THC is being volatilized. It can relieve tension, euphoric and put you in a meditative state without feeling drowsy. It is an excellent middle ground for the best of both worlds between effects and flavor.

Fully baked Vape

This category falls between 400-430°F and 204-221°C.

For the ultimate cannabinoid extraction, this is the range to be in. Here, the vapor is hotter and less flavorful, but the vaping weed will feel the strongest psychotropic effects. This is best suited for nighttime sessions because of its ability to incite lethargy, also called the dreaded “couch-lock”. The activation of compounds THCv and humulene will certainly stifle appetite and lengthen the inevitable munchies.

At this temperature, many terpenes will be drained fast. If you are a real terp expert, then you might want to withhold this range for the end of your sessions, for when you want to blast off. This is the nearest you can get to combustion without actually smoking, though it could still induce coughing.

If you are looking for the right temp for vaping your weed, the best way to experiment is to start in the 350-400° F (177-204° C) range and then work your way up or down by 5-10° (or 1° C) at a time. You may want to play around a bit and eventually, you will find the temp that is just right for you. 

Get your vape from a CBD weed London shop work with a temperature that suits you.