3 Signs Your CBD Oil is High-Quality

Given the rise in popularity of CBD since the start of 2019,  there are now more products sold by more vendors than ever before. For consumers, that’s a good thing as it means they have a wider variety to choose from. 

This variety stretches from brands to flavours, to methods of consumption and has – as a whole – made CBD more appealing to a broader audience.

But is this rapid increase in availability a good thing? Yes and no.

While genuine brands follow established (and important!) processes in manufacturing and ensure their products meet high compliance standards, there are plenty of illegitimate manufacturers who are pushing lower quality – and sometimes even dangerous – products into the marketplace. 

We talked in a previous blog about how to spot a bootleg, but what about the flip side? 

If you want to be certain you’re buying and consuming the highest quality CBD and hemp oil in the UK, continue to read.

Here are three things you’ll notice about a high-quality CBD product and/or brand

It’s been tested by a third-party laboratory

If a brand – like Love Hemp, for example  – touts that they’ve had they’re products tested by a third-party, that’s a great sign. Not only does this prove that the product is safe to use and intrinsically helps you trust the brand, but it also means that you can dig a bit deeper into the lab report yourself if you’re interested.

If you fancy a deep dive, here a few things to look for:

The amount of CBD in each dosage is listed

Just like the food you consume provides information about the calories, fat, and fibre in each serving, any vetted brand and CBD vape oil in the UK will include the CBD dosage on the label of their products.

CBD Vape Oil
CBD Vape Oil

This dosage will be advertised differently on different products. For example, on capsules and edibles, it will be quite straight-forward. On oils and tinctures, though, you may have to crunch the numbers yourself. But, you don’t have to be a mathematician.

Simply divide the total CBD content by the number of ml in the bottle. For more information related to finding the right strength, click here.

The brand and vendor has a solid reputation

CBD Vape Oil
CBD Vape Oil

If all else fails, you can always look to a brand name to guarantee a quality product. Why? Because in such a crowded marketplace, those brands that are the most trusted and reliable rise to the top. This is especially the case in the internet age, where everyone is a critic and ‘Top 10’ lists of CBD brands and products are released daily.

Some of our favourites at CBD VAPE 4 U are:

Of course, you can rest assured that any and all products sold both in-store and online by CBD VAPE 4 U are fully compliant and of the highest quality.  If you still have questions about which CBD products are right for you, visit us in Blackfriars, Golders Green, or Tottenham Court Road.