CBD Oil: 5 different ways to use and its benefits

There are a lot of myths around CBD oil, and its benefits and uses, as it is becoming somewhat of a buzz word as of late, in the health and wellbeing world. Anyone interested in refining their general health and wellness may want to consider adding CBD into their daily lives, as there are many advantages of using it, with little to no recorded side effects.

But just how can you use this product of CBD flower buds, and how can it help you?

CBD Oil 5 different ways to use and its benefits by CBD VAPE 4 U
CBD Oil: 5 different ways to use and its benefits by CBD VAPE 4 U

1. Oils and tinctures – to be consumed under the tongue

One of the most common ways to enjoy and consume CBD is via CBD or hemp oil UK.

Studies are beginning to show that a little CBD can go a long way. You’re likely to have heard about the growing trend of microdosing. A microdose is a minuscule, daily or semi-daily dose, and is easiest with CBD cannabis oil. You simply pop a drop under your tongue once or twice a day for fastest, most efficient absorbency.   

2. Topical lotions and creams

Creams are really popular with those suffering from certain skin or pain conditions, as it is applied locally.

For example, CBD may be an efficient and safe way to treat common conditions such as acne, thanks in part to its remarkable anti-inflammatory qualities. This same logic applies to combatting things like anti-ageing, too, as UV rays and exposure to environmental pollutants both contribute to the occurrence of harmful free radicals. To neutralise these free radicals, you require an antioxidant. Enter CBD oil.

3. Supplements and edibles

Supplements and edibles are a good way to consume CBD for those who don’t like the taste of it, as you can take it like a regular tablet, or you can pick up popular food or drink items that contain it for a dulled taste.

Popular options on the market include CBD gummies, teas, energy drinks, cakes and smoothies, to name a few.

Ingested CBD must be digested and then absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach and may take up to 2 hours to take effect.

4. Vaping and inhalation

You’ve no doubt come across someone who ‘vapes’ as this has become a popular alternative to smoking. However, it’s not just those who want to reduce their tobacco and nicotine intake who are taking to vaping.

You can now purchase CBD vape oil to use as you would a standard vaping cigarette, and there is a range of CBD e-liquid UK on the market to choose from.

It’s worth noting that it can sometimes go by other names too when you’re searching the internet, such as CBD vape juice, too.

5. Skin patches

Skin patches, sometimes also referred to as transdermal patches, are small adhesive patches that distribute CBD through the skin. Not like topical lotions and creams, transdermal patches cross the dermal barrier to go into the bloodstream, and are triggered by body heat, and then release small amounts of CBD over a prolonged period of time – usually three to six hours on average.