A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking With CBD

The ways to enjoy CBD just goes on and on. There’s the ever-popular method of  vaping it, or chomping down on some tasty gummies. But as variety is the spice of life and cooking shows are always popular, hence so is the act of cooking too; we’ve found that one of the best ways to get the most out of CBD on a regular basis is by…cooking with it. So we’ve put together a simple guide to start you on your CBD cooking voyage.

Gather the right ingredients

The first and most obvious step before you cook anything is to gather the right ingredients. That’s just common sense. We’ve all been there before – in the middle of making a cake before realising there’s no vanilla extract. Or other things of course, we just like cake! But the point stands – before you start cooking with CBD, make sure you’ve got all you need. That could be CBD vape oil UK – the country’s best, and which just so happens to be what we have in stock. Once you’ve stocked up on your oil, don’t forget to gather the rest of your ingredients, be it for a cocktail, a soup, a roast dinner or whatever you decide to make.

How to use it the right way

Like any oil, you don’t want to overdo things. The same can be said for CBD oil. Whether you’re cooking scrambled eggs or roasted vegetables, a few drops is all you need. This mentality can be applied for anything as you can add some to a salad, a cake or anything you desire to make. If however you want to use it a bit more sporadically, as opposed to a drop here and there, then make sure you’re using it with something like butter or cooking oil. That way you can combine the cooking oils and the CBD oil and get the best of both worlds. One tip which we’d advise above all – don’t cook it too high because if you overheat the oil then the CBD will lose its effectiveness.

Explore different recipes

With CBD your new secret ingredient, you can put it in almost anything. It doesn’t have to be cooked food either. You can put it in drinks, from flavouring your water to adding an extra zest to tea, or even creating your own cocktail! It also works well in snacks as you’re more likely to have the right concentration of CBD. For example, cooking up some peanut butter cookies or flapjacks will only require you to put a few drops into the batter mixture, but means you’ll feel the effects of CBD when eating them.

Can’t wait to get started? Looking for the best CBD oil UK vape ingredients? You can find them right here so take a look, stock up your CBD cupboard and put your culinary skills to the test.