A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

If you’re feeling ready to give up the cigarettes and switch to a much better alternative. You may have a million questions about where to start and what vaping products are right for you. In this article we are going to address those questions that all beginners have when they decide to make that life-changing leap from smoking to vaping.

Of course, quitting smoking is never easy, and you’ll have some days that are better than others. But, it will be the best thing you decide to do for yourself.

Here some things you should know about when you start vaping:

  1. You need to try out different mods, to get the right one for you, it may not be the first one you chose, so keep experimenting until you find your perfect device. You may also like to try a starter kit like the JUUL Starter Kit to make it a little easier.
  2. Because the sensation is different to smoking, you may cough at first – this will pass within a few days, so stick with it.
  3. You may get a dry mouth! So, when you first start vaping maybe have an extra glass of water on hand.
  4. You may still try and use the vape like a cigarette. For example, if you puff harder on a cigarette, more smoke will appear. With a vaping device, you just need to take it slow and steady.
  5. The nicotine hit may take longer. Don’t get frustrated, it’s just a new way of getting your nicotine.
  6. Don’t over vape. Just like when you smoke too much, you can vape too much. If you are taking in too much nicotine it can cause a headache, nausea or dizziness. You just need to take a break and wait for it to pass.

Choosing your first mod

The best way to start vaping is to get a starter kit, that way you can get used to that and then move on to discovering what works best for you. Once you’ve figured that out you can start looking at DIY mods and devices like the IQOS UK.

Pod mods: These are devices that have a pod or a cartridge, that are usually pen shaped. You can get these pre-filled or refillable ones that you can do yourself.

Tanks: These are made up of a battery a tank and an automiser.

What strength nicotine do I need for my e-liquid?

The more you smoke the more nicotine you will need, to stop you going back to old habits. Here is a rough guide to how much you will need.

Smoking 1-5 a day: 6mg/ml

Smoking 4-15 a day: 10mg/ml

Smoking 15-20 a day: 14mg

Smoking 20+ a day: 18mg/ml

So, that’s the basics of all you need to know about starting your vape journey. You need to be able to avoid your smoking triggers as much as possible and make sure you are prepared, and willing to try different mods and e-juices until you find your perfect match.

And remember you can do it!