A Beginner’s Guide to Hemp Oil Extraction

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound that has shown potential in a variation of medical uses, from pain relief to anxiety relief, and many other conditions. Of course, medial studies are still being conducted. Nonetheless, a key benefit to CBD is that it doesn’t contain THC, which is the compound found in marijuana that makes users feel a buzz.  That means that CBD doesn’t impair users at all!

Curious how hemp oil is extracted for use in CBD oil and other products? Below you will find a few of the most common methods used to extract hemp oil UK.

How to extract Hemp Oil from the plant and make CBD

There are many ways to extract the oil from the plant and make CBD that you can consume in a variety of ways – vaping CBD oil UK is one of the most popular. You can purchase CBD vape oil UK online, and use it as you would a normal vaping pen. However, if vaping isn’t for you, you can also purchase CBD oil in a number of other forms, such as drops, patches, and even in certain food and drink items.

Extract Hemp Oil from the plant and make CBD

Supercritical CO2 Extractor

CO2 extraction is extensively considered to be a brilliant way to create CBD-rich extracts. This extraction method puts carbon dioxide under high pressure while preserving a low temperature. The gas is changed into a liquid due to the pressure and is then delivered through the plant material with up to a 90% extraction competence. The resulting extract is a highly concentrated, completely pure CBD hemp oil UK.

Ethanol Extraction

When likened to CO2 extraction, ethanol removal is a lower-cost method, but still used by numerous companies on the market today. Regardless of the lower cost, this extraction method can still be used to make high-quality extracts, however, it may need more expertise and post-extraction treating.

Rotovap Alcohol Extractor

This extraction method uses an alcohol solvent – most usually ethanol. Ethanol is ‘Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)’ by the FDA. It is frequently used as a food preservative and additive, which is found in many goods at the grocery store.

Benefits and uses of CBD

Research is starting to suggest that CBD has vast potential in the medical market, as it eases symptoms of anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, and could help prevent seizures, amongst many other things. If you’re worried about how CBD oil mght interact with other medications you’re taking, please note that it’s important that, before you start using CBD oil, you discuss it with your doctor to ensure it is right for you, and to help avoid potentially harmful reactions.

Though generally – because it’s a natural extract –  there are few, if any, reported side effects as yet. The extract works with the body’s endocannabinoid structure, which is the system’s technique of regulating processes, like pain, mood, hunger, and memory.

And, because CBD works with the body’s natural system rather than being an unnatural substance, the body doesn’t need to try and reject it! This is largely why it has been reported to have a number of powerful medical benefits across a range of conditions. Some studies indicate that CBD may be an effective treatment for diabetes, substance misuse, mental disorders and specific types of cancers. However, more investigation in humans is required.