Best Brands to Try For Cannabidiol

CBD – or cannabidiol – is one of the most recent innovations in the vaping world. Embracing the use of organic matter and the innovative heat not burn systems, CBD, the derivative of the marijuana plant is now safer and more beneficial than ever before, in part because of the many new brands, flavours and strands of CBD out there. With many of the best vape stores in London now stocking CBD vape liquid, it’s always useful to get to grips with the various types, flavours and brands on the market right now.

So, what exactly is cannabidiol? A chemical deriving from the marijuana plant, cannabidiol amounts to about 40 per cent of the cannabis plant’s extract and has none of the psychoactive effects of THC. What it does have in common with its illegal sibling chemical is that it has calming and soothing effects on the brain, alongside potential anti-inflammatory properties as well. This all means that the various uses and applications of the chemical have amassed into a huge arsenal of brands and products. Below you can find out about some of the most popular ones and the ways in which they innovate and accentuate the benefits of cannabidiol.


CBD FX is a vape juice company that focuses on CBD infused liquids. Based in the USA, CBD FX have developed a broad range of devices and e liquids that act just like a cigalike. These e liquids are enclosed within vape pens that don’t require charging and contain a 30 mg concentration of CBD. 

Love Hemp

This UK based cannabidiol company provide a range of hemp products and accessories that give you a variety of applications and uses to make the most of. With creams, sprays and face masks, these CBD lotions and liquids make it even easier to enjoy the benefits of hemp, whether it be for calming, skin rejuvenation or anti-inflammatory purposes.


Taking the form of oral drops, the high street famous Vitality range provides a range of potent CBD mixes in their capsules. With a variety of functions, these supplementary capsules and pills come in several flavours and provide mild to strong doses of CBD. 

CBD Mountain

Developed for the active lifestyle, CBD Mountain provides a unique variety of oils that can be used for easing the symptoms of aches and pains and for their relaxing effects. Whether aiding you to reach the peaks of your physical prowess or to aid in the aftereffects of a long day of physical exertion, this oil can be applied to the skin, to food or in a tincture.

Hemp Lucid

Hemp Lucid has been designed to alleviate the symptoms of psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, providing a brief respite from the crippling effects of these illnesses. With a variety of applications including tincture oils and vape liquids, you can use Hemp Lucid oils how you please, whether that be through the best portable JUUL chargers and devices, or as a tincture and oral supplement.