Using Sub Ohm to Blow Big Clouds of Vapour

Vaping with Sub-ohm is a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vape. Sub-ohm devices employ low resistance coils that are less than one ohm, hence the name sub-ohm. It also provides enough airflow suitable for direct lung inhalation. For Sub ohming, you would require vape mods capable of putting out a minimum of 40 watts, but the highest levels can be reached and exceeded at 200 watts.

Sub-ohm tanks began to dominate the market in 2014. It became the default standard for most new vapers until around mid-2016 with MTL coming back in style. Now the market is more distinct, with a wider range of vapes for every style of vaping most vapers look forward to trying.

Apart from being able to create big clouds, the many other advantages of sub ohming over other styles of vaping include:

  1. Sub-ohm has Intense flavour: Its coils are capable of vaporising a lot of e-liquid at a time, so vaper’s taste buds can get hit with tons of flavour with each puff.
  2. Most vapers enjoy a warmer vape. This is easy to attain with sub-ohm vaping, especially with high-wattage and low-ohm coils.
  3. Sub-ohm allows for more airflow. It goes best with a direct lung to inhale and unrestricted airflow. This is necessary for cooling down the higher heat produced from the coils.
  4.  For the biggest cloud production, sub-ohm vaping is a must. Sub-ohm devices are a requirement for becoming an active vaper.

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Cloud Chasing

This is the act of blowing huge clouds with a vape. Cloud chasers are always trying to formulate new ways to produce the biggest clouds of vape. This means they have to use lower ohm coils, higher wattages and tons of airflow. Anyone who wants to cloud chase requires knowledge and experience to do it safely and properly. Cloud chasing has become more convenient today with the popularity of sub-ohm vape tanks because it doesn’t need as much knowledge as before.

However, safety is very important! That means having a good understanding of the law of Ohm and vape battery safety is mandatory. Cloud chasing can be fun done properly and respectfully.

How to get bigger clouds

  1. Ensure you use the appropriate batteries. Always purchase batteries with high amp ratings and suitable for high wattages.
  2. Ensure airflow is kept all the way open. Even though sub-ohm devices come with adjustable airflow, generally speaking, the airflow should be at its most open setting to obtain the biggest clouds for the atomizer a vaper is using.
  3. Make use of max VG vape juice. Even though PG and VG both make vapour, the higher the content of VG in your juice, the bigger the clouds. 
  4. Ensure you use a mod with power above 40 watts. For this, you will want a lot of headroom for power. Even though you may likely not use it all, being able to go up an additional 10 watts or so would make a big difference in your vapour volume.
  5. Carry out Purging. This is a technique used for cloud chasing and vape tricks where you exhale into the vape before inhaling. Purging will force air into the coils to prime them to produce bigger clouds. Vapers should ensure that the airflow holes aren’t directed into their eyes or face before using this method.
  6. Utilise a relatively forceful and fast draw. The speed and forcefulness of the drag will increase cloud production. A bigger and faster draw will also aid in keeping the coils cooler.