Breaking Down The Benefits Of CBD Applications

CBD is one of the most revolutionary over the counter treatments available today. Both prescribed and recreationally used, this form of cannabidiol is best known for its anti-anxiety uses and symptom relief for aches and strains. It’s a versatile terpene, and completely legal in the UK due to its counteractive effects to its illegal sibling terpene, THC. 

With this amazing cannabis derivative now seeping into mainstream use, it’s unsurprising that it has been cultivated into a variety of different forms. Each has its own unique attributes and setbacks, meaning that it’s worth getting to know them so you can benefit from CBD’s properties in a way that’s right for you. Below is a breakdown of the main CBD forms, and the ways in which they differ.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are bottles filled with a concentrated CBD solution and are designed to be ingested through dripping onto your tongue. These solutions are made from CBD extract and an oil base and come in a variety of concentrations and strengths. Tinctures can also be added to your food or drink.

Are They Right For You?

Like with other edibles, tinctures might take a little while to really take effect in your body. They need to be digested by the liver before neurotransmitters react with the body. Not one for quick effect then, and certainly not one for the taste connoisseurs among CBD users, tinctures have a rather unpalatable taste and are made for small doses rather than flavour enhancement.

CBD Edibles And Supplements

Probably the most diverse of the CBD applications, edibles can come in the form of tinctures added to foods and drinks, CBD buds UK cooked into meals and supplements that are taken like vitamins alongside your meal, CBD edibles allow you to get as creative as you can with your intake.

Are They Right For You?

CBD edibles, when cooked from scratch can be really rewarding but does require you to do some prep. If taking CBD as a supplement or edible, remember that as with tinctures, you won’t feel the effects until the ingredients have been digested into your body. 

Loose Leaf

The most authentic of CBD forms, loose-leaf, or CBD flowers are extracts from the marijuana plant and vaporised via dry herb kits like the PAX 2 and 3. Utilising the same heat not burn technology as vape liquids, loose-leaf provides a herby, sweet taste much like that which you’d find in THC marijuana.

Are They Right For You?

Loose-leaf vaping will require you to invest in the right vape kit, and if you’re not a fan of the smell or taste of marijuana, then this is probably not the right way to enjoy the benefits of CBD for you. Loose leaf, for those who enjoy the herby taste, is quick to act on the body, being absorbed by your blood through the gums and lungs.

Vape Liquid

CBD extracts are blended into a vape liquid mix, alongside a range of potential flavours. These vape liquids are perfect for a quick hit and provide more versatility in flavours than any other heat not burn form of CBD.

Are They Right For You?

Again this is probably not one for those who don’t want to invest in vape devices and are not used to the taste or feeling of vaping. That being said, CBD e-liquids don’t contain any nicotine (unless you add nicotine shots yourself) and are fast-acting.