What to Do If Your Vape Taste Burnt

Burnt hits are one of the awful things a vaper can suffer and it can happen while vaping to almost any type of vape. It can ruin your day, and even worse, make you want to stop vaping. While there are many explanations for a burnt hit, the great news is that most can be avoided.

Here are some common causes of burnt hits and what you can do to prevent them.

Vaping At High wattage

Vaping at wattages which surpass the coil limits will vaporize your e-liquid too fast. When this happens, the coils can burn the wicks, even when there is still some juice in there. Ensure you stick to the recommended wattage ranges.

Taking Too Many Puffs From Your Vape

When you take many puffs in a row, the wick tends to dry up fast. If you discover that a burnt hit is coming, by noticing a slightly roasted taste, put your vape down for a while and allow liquid to cover the dry spots of the wick.

Vaping when using high-VG e-liquids

All vapes are not made the same way. Some vape tanks will allow you to use high-VG juice, while others will frequently require 50% PG or more to function appropriately. A good rule of thumb is to search for the size of the wick channels. If the holes are of a small diameter, there is a possibility that your tank will not bode well with high-VG juice.

Not priming coils appropriately

This is perhaps the most popular problem on the list of the causes of vape burn.  Priming your coil heads is the technique for getting them ready for first use is to allow the wicks to get saturated with e-liquid.

If you want to avert getting a burnt hit, make sure you prime your coils appropriately.

Procedure for priming vape tank coils

  • Bring a new coil out of the box
  • Drip 3-4 drops of e-liquid on the wicking holes and into the coil head 
  • Assemble your tank and fill it with juice
  • Latch your tank on your mod and set it aside for  close to 10 minutes
  • Inhale on the top of the tank without trying to fire to speed the procedure
  • You will need to carry out this process every time you replace a coil.

Procedure for priming refillable pods

  • Fill the pod with e-liquid.
  • Allow this to saturate for 10 minutes.
  • Inhale puff a couple of times on the pod not while in the battery to push some liquid inside the wicking channels and give you extra safety against dry hits.
  • When taking a vape on a pod, try and take shorter puffs. Some of the smaller coils need to be broken in a bit before being pushed. Think of this as relatively like slowly raising the wattage on an adjustable power mod.

How to know your vape coil is burnt

After taking a nasty burnt hit, it is time for your coil to be thrown in a bin. If you manage to notice it early, you can still give it a go and see if the burnt taste vanishes after a few puffs.

 Unfortunately, you may already have burnt some of the cottons inside the coil, and it will need to be replaced and the said taste will not leave if it’s truly burnt

The first sign will usually be a loss of flavor, followed by a drop in vapor production.

If you have properly primed your new coil, but it is giving you a burnt taste or any weird taste for that matter, replace it.

Now that you understand the various causes of burnt hits and how they can be prevented, If a sneaky burnt hit happens, you’ll at least know the probable causes and what to do about it.

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