Can You Smoke CBD Buds?

The short answer – yes. Come to think of it, the long answer is yes as well. But if you’ve come here to learn more then we’re here to teach. CBD can be ingested in many ways, from gummies to capsules but for the vapers out there, CBD buds can be vaped to really get the maximum benefit from them.

What are CBD buds?

CBD buds are basically hemp in its purest form. Once the hemp plant reaches its maturation, it can be harvested for commercial reasons. Thus, the CBD flower is born and ready to be enjoyed. Although they come from the same plant, CBD buds are different to marijuana buds, so they don’t have the high levels of THC that it’s counterpart has. A huge plus of CBD buds is that it is a natural product. It’s grown from the ground up (and then can be ground up – our little joke for you there) and can be enjoyed numerous ways, though the most common and popular way is to vape them.

How do you smoke them?

You might think that CBD buds can just be ground up and put in some smoking paper, but this isn’t something like you’d see on TV. In order to smoke CBD flower buds the best way, we’d recommend CBD vape pens. These are a special type of pen, also known as atomisers or dry herb atomisers. They heat the CBD buds so you can inhale the offset vapour. Before you get stuck into vaping it though, there are a few steps to take. You’re going to want to grind your CBD buds using a grinder or breaking them apart by hand depending on how finely you can do it. Then you put the CBD buds inside your device. See, it’s easy! Next up you need to heat up your vaper and then you can start inhaling the CBD goodness. You can try out different amounts of CBD buds to see what effects it has – just experiment with it until you’re happy with the dose.

The benefits of smoking CBD

Our customers have noticed many positive effects when vaping CBD, remarking that it’s considerably different to the effects of marijuana. We wouldn’t know anything about that of course. But with CBD, there’s a different type of ‘high’, which is supposed to help the body feel relaxed.  One of our customers has said that you have a “body high which makes you feel like you should be high, despite your mind being clear.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves.
We’ve also had positive feedback that CBD helps relieve any body pain and despite the various CBD products we have, flower buds is still a fan favourite. If you want to try smoking CBD buds yourself, take a look at what we have available, you won’t be disappointed. From different flavours to different strengths and associated vape equipment, we’ve got a lot for you to choose from.