CBD And Mental Health – What You Need To Know

Mental health disorders have been one of the most widespread and least diagnosed scourges in the world. With more than 3 percent of the world being diagnosed with a disorder such as depression or anxiety, there are many more still struggling who haven’t the means or the resources to deal with their illness. One of the most common forms of mental illness is anxiety which since the beginning of the COVID pandemic has seen a larger increase in victims. Whilst the disorder can stem from many different causes, more nuanced research has shown how certain natural substances can ease symptoms and decrease the severity of such disorders. One possible aid can even be bought from many vape shops in London and beyondcannabidiol.

CBD has many properties that make it a perfect solution to managing anxiety and mental health. Whilst it is important that all mental illness sufferers get prescribed the right medication, CBD can help to relieve symptoms for a number of conditions. This blog will explore how buying something as easy to find as Vype CBD pods and CBD tinctures can help aid the management of your mental health.

How Does CBD Aid Mental Health?

Cannabidiol is a non-hallucinogenic terpene found in the cannabis plant which provides the relaxing qualities of its prohibited sister terpene THC without the psychoactive effects. CBD affects the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, which can help to maintain homeostasis and balance in the body. This can help the body manage its flow of serotonin endorphins, a lack of which is one of the main reasons for the development of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Anxiety And Depression

The stress relief properties of cannabidiol have been rigorously tested over the last few years; studies have shown that animal tests on rats have shown that serotonin levels have increased from regular consumption of cannabidiol. This means that disorders such as anxiety can be suppressed through regular consumption of CBD. However, due to the youth of this research, it’s not yet known if there are long term effects from using CBD. Although there are no damaging effects recorded thus far, more research must be undertaken to ensure that there are none in the future, especially when factoring in the number of Americans who are using cannabis products to medicate their conditions on account of high prescription costs in the country. 


One use for cannabidiol that has seen widespread acknowledgement as an effective treatment, is that of insomnia and sleeplessness. Thanks to the relaxing and calming qualities of CBD, it’s becoming increasingly advertised as a sleep aid, often in supplement form and in conjunction with an increased intake of melatonin, the hormone in the body that promotes sleep.

CBD Supplements

Most users of CBD for mental health use cannabidiol not in loose-leaf form like IQOS HEETS does for tobacco but as a supplement. These can come in either gel capsules or dry pills and sometimes have added ingredients such as vitamins C, D and B added for extra nutrition. 

CBD Tinctures

Bottled CBD suspended in an alcohol solution is another popular form for those managing their mental health with the terpene. These are often highly concentrated, and just two drips on the bottom of the tongue a day is enough for a regulated and long-lasting effect.