CBD Concentrations – What Are They And What Is Right For Me?

Like with many other types of vape liquid and oral supplement, cannabidiol is a process of balances. Whether it be flavour or texture, sweetness or authenticity, CBD e-liquids and other CBD products require nuanced touches as much as nicotine pouches and patches do. That’s why CBD concentrations are the most noticeable copy on every form of the calming terpene.

But what is cannabidiol concentration, and how does it affect your experience of the chemical? This blog will explore the many CBD vape juice concentrations available in the UK and why they require your thought before purchase.

What Does CBD Do To The Body?

Studies into CBD have increased exponentially over the last few years. As interest in the industry grows and it becomes increasingly accepted in the media and in the world of medicine, the calming, anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are now quite widely known. But what about how different concentrations affect the body, and what is right for who?

The Concentrations

Concentrations in the UK are anywhere between 100 mg per bottle to 10,000 mg per bottle. The less CBD you have, the less noticeable it will be when interacting with your body. Some people prefer the dull background ambience of lower dosages, whilst others prefer to feel the full hit.

Side Effects

Side effects have been known to occur from time to time, but they are usually very manageable. Side effects include diarrhoea, nausea and drowsiness. It’s also advised that those using blood thinning medication do not use CBD. What this means is, that depending on your needs, you should try and test CBD dosages, starting from low concentrations and increasing every week by about 5 mg until you find your sweet spot.

What Factors Into My Concentration?

One factor to look at when buying CBD is what kind of vehicle you use for it. If you’re using a dry herb vape or a device similar to the tobacco focussed IQOS UK, then you might actually get less of a hit. CBD oils and tinctures are going to include much more cannabidiol than loose leaf because they will be concentrated and strained material, boiled down to its main terpene ingredient. 

Body Weight And Metabolism

Bodyweight and metabolism play an important role in your tolerance to cannabidiol. These aspects of your body will determine how long it takes for cannabidiol to reach your bloodstream and how much of it will actually be absorbed by the blood. This varies from person to person, and you might find that a small dosage is actually enough for you.

What Are You Using It For?

It’s worth noting that your tolerance to CBD will be based on what type of condition you’re using it for, and where on the body this is. For instance, a CBD cream will have a different effect than CBD flowers UK, as will CBD infused medication for epilepsy or arthritis. It also depends on the prescription given to you by the doctor treating your ailment. 

Try And Test To Find Your Limits

Unless you’ve been specifically recommended a dose from your physician, it’s worth starting at a low dose and then every week or so, increasing the dosage as recommended above. This way you’ll be able to find your sweet spot and not feel overwhelmed by any of the slightly more irksome side effects.