CBD Products to Add to Your Wish List This Christmas

CBD is more popular than ever. From its initial use as a medical treatment, it’s now sold in vape shops, coffee shops, and health food stores on the high street. And, with high demand comes supply, which means companies all over the UK and beyond are working hard to create the best new products, from oils to sweet treats. 

And, since it’s the season for giving, we thought we’d put together a list of CBD products you should add to your wish list this year. Below are some of the main forms that CBD takes as well as some products you can buy online. 

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But what is cannabidiol?

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of the marijuana plant which has been known to relieve stress, anxiety and body pain in people who consume it. Whilst it is one of the main extracts from the marijuana plant, it’s actually completely legal in many European countries, which is due in part to the fact that there aren’t any psychoactive effects that can be triggered by CBD. It’s totally safe!

Click here for more information about laws related to CBD.


CBD oils are intended for use as a supplement. Often infused with hemp products, CBD oils are consumed by dripping them onto your food, or for mixing a bit into a beverage like tea or coffee. Whether adding to an edible or adding to your morning bev, these oils are perfect for daily use and have a calming effect that maintains your lucidity and has no known negative impact on your health.

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Vape liquids

CBD infused vape liquids come in a variety of flavours. With many different strains to choose from, CBD vape liquids give vapers the chance to explore a variety of tastes infused with the natural tang of cannabidiol. These make for amazing e-liquids and add an extra soothing – or energising – kick depending on the strength of the CBD in the liquid. 

Our top pick for the festive season? Apple Cherry Sherbet 

CBD Flower Buds

Loose Leaf is the most natural way to ingest CBD products. These flower buds are strains of the Sativa dominant marijuana plant that come with next to no THC and are naturally grown. Often being cultivated in natural light and in greenhouses free from pesticides, loose-leaf CBD is perfect for use on dry herb vaporisers like PAX and comes with all the benefits of CBD along with a unique taste which you simply can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re new to CBD, add both the portable vaporizer and the flower to your list.


Whether it be in homemade baked goods or CBD Gummies, cannabidiol can be easily consumed in an edible form. Infused with foods such as fruit and nut mixes and even in tablet form, CBD edibles have the relaxing and uplifting benefits of other CBD products but are released more gradually as you digest it. 

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