CBD Products You Might Not Know About

CBD – or cannabidiol to use its scientific name – is a derivative cannabinoid of the marijuana plant that aids in pain relief and relaxation as well as being used in a wildly varied array of medications. You probably know that already if you’re shopping at CBD Vape 4 U, but it’s important to underline just how beneficial CBD is purported to be to understand why it’s so widely used in the UK. From vape shops near Blackfriars Station to cafes across the country, you can find CBD in more places than you might expect.

With different needs come different retailers, and with retailers come different products. As CBD became legal for medical use in 2015 it’s unsurprising that it has been processed into many eclectic forms. From daily supplements to tinctures, many people use CBD vape stores on a regular basis and as research continues into the potential benefits of this wonder drug in day to day life, people have moulded the cannabinoid into an array of different products. This blog will outline some of the more unique uses of CBD that you might not have heard of, and how they could help you in your day to day life.

Disposable Vapes

Whilst vaping has been one of the primary modes of using CBD in recent years, disposable vape pods and disposable e-cigs using cannabidiol are a little newer to the market. These devices allow for up to 500 puffs of CBD infused vapour with a range of strengths and flavours, all geared towards first-time users who don’t quite want to commit to buying a less temporary CBD vaping device yet. You can also purchase CBD shots for your e-liquid, which can act similarly to nicotine salt shots UK in your vape mixture. 

Coffee Shots

Chances are that in your city or town there’s an artisan coffee seller using CBD shots in their energising brews. CBD oil is designed to be mixed into foodstuffs, but the mixture of stimulating coffee and relaxing CBD is one that really stands out. You might think that coffee and CBD would neutralise each other’s core benefits, but the reality is that they elevate each other into a smooth yet relaxing kick. 

Skin Ointments For High Heel Pain

Whilst aches and sprains are well-known ailments that CBD helps treat, you might be surprised to know that cannabidiol creams and ointments can also be used for high heel pain and foot stress. Think of CBD cream as a well-deserved foot massage at the end of a long day. 

Epilepsy Medicine

One of the key reasons why cannabidiol was legalised is because of research into its symptom relief for specific types of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Both of these are treated using an inhalant spray that contains CBD called Epidyolex, one of the first instances of CBD being used practically by doctors.


Unlike THC, which can react negatively in the body when mixed with alcohol, cannabidiol actually enhances the relaxation a wee dram or a refreshing pint might activate. You can find everything from CBD gin to CBD infused wine from speciality brewers. If you’re looking for a drink that goes down well as a nightcap, a CBD infusion might be the novelty drink for you.