CBD – Vape Liquids And Tinctures What’s The Difference?

With the rising range of CBD products available at London vape shops, you’d be forgiven for losing track of which types do what. From supplements to topical creams, there’s a lot to get your head around, and that’s before we even get onto the vape devices that carry cannabidiol e-liquids. 

Depending on the application of CBD, the medical and recreational benefits you’ll experience will be applied at different rates and with different focuses. CBD oils and CBD vape liquids are two types that might look interchangeable on paper, but should never be mistaken for one another for several vital reasons. Below is a breakdown of just how both of these uses of cannabidiol can benefit you, how to differentiate between them, and why they shouldn’t be mixed up.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

Cannabidiol in its vape liquid form is a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine flavourings and cannabidiol concentrate extract. Coming in a range of strengths spanning from 500 mg to 2000 mg, CBD vape oil is used by heating the liquid within a vaporiser device and inhaling the vapour that is produced. Many traditional e-liquid companies are beginning to experiment with CBD vape liquids, so in the future you can expect to see companies such as Vype and Dr Fogg begin expanding into cannabidiol blends.

What IS CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a cannabidiol concentrate or extract mixed in with a “carrier” oil. This carrier oil is usually coconut oil, but can also be palm oil or other nut oils. Whilst CBD tinctures are soaked in a pure alcohol base, CBD oils are plant based and can come with extra flavours or ingredients to add consistency. You can drip them under the tongue or use them for cooking in a variety of recipes.

Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

Vape oils such as Nasty Juice are perfect for recreational and medical CBD users due to their quick absorption into the bloodstream via the lungs. You can expect to feel the effects of cannabidiol in under two minutes after inhalation. The flavour ranges are also alluring, many companies offering fruity blends that complement the herby taste.

Vape juice can be used casually throughout the day. For those who already use e-liquids, there is little prep needed to use CBD vape liquids, and they are readily available at retailers such as our CBD vape shops in Golders Green. CBD vape liquids therefore, are just as accepted and casually used as normal e-liquids.

strong Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is used in a variety of cooking applications, and is far more palatable to taste than CBD tinctures. These oils can come in tremendously high concentrations, surpassing even vape liquids, sometimes reaching up to 6000 mg. Often used in foodstuffs, you can make your own CBD butter using cannabidiol oil, the perfect base for cooking and baking. 

CBD Vape and Oil Compared

Both the vape and oil forms of CBD have similar calming and anti-inflammatory effects, but are processed and absorbed by the body at different rates. To digest CBD oil could take up to 2 hours before you feel it’s effects. CBD vape oil on the other hand, is near instantaneous in its absorption into the bloodstream. Keep this in mind when using, and plan which type you are accordingly. 

It’s also important to remember that vape oil should never be ingested outside of it’s vapour form as it can be poisonous, whilst CBD oil will ruin a vaporiser if you try to heat it on an e-cig.