Charging Your Vape Device – What Is Right For You?

We’ve all been there: We’re out and about and fancy a quick session on our vape device, but suddenly the light blinks and we realise we’re out of charge. This can happen a lot for regular vapers if you’re not careful and will happen more frequently as your vape device ages. There are answers though, and some vape companies and London e-cig modssavvy solutions to low charge woes mean that you’ll never go empty.

But what is the right method for you? There’s always a new vape device coming out on the market that boasts a battery running time that’s better than ever, but sometimes it’s more than just the stamina of your device that is important. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of how vape devices are charged and some insight into how to keep your vape running for longer.

Internal Batteries

Internal batteries are the most common type of vape battery that you’ll find on the market. These usually consist of kits such as the IQOS AC power adapterwhich can be plugged into any wall socket. Usually, an internal battery uses a micro USB port and due to being built into the device itself, can’t be replaced.

Pros And Cons

This can be problematic for some. A device that is a little older could start seeing battery life decrease or become damaged over time, the only solution to which is to buy a completely new vape device. Nevertheless, this is not an inevitability, and usually, internal batteries are one-off purchases and therefore easier to contain.

However, the nature of the internal battery means that you’ll need a power source to charge, a little tricky if you don’t own a portable charger. If you’re a regular vaper, then we recommend investing in one of these as it will save you a lot of time and effort – no one wants to be that guy milking a coffee in a cafe whilst they charge their electronic devices by the wall.

External Batteries

Usually reserved for vape mods and mech builds, the external battery can come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The main external battery used in vape devices is the 18650, but you can also find a 20700 size and a 21700 size. When your vape device runs out, simply replace it with a new battery, or if you buy rechargeable batteries, place them on an adapter to juice them up again.

Pros And Cons

External batteries can be a little more costly than internal batteries but can ensure the longevity of your vape device as if they’re faulty, they can be replaced with a new one. External batteries are more flexible as well, especially if you keep a spare pair with you on long, power socket-less journeys.

Top Tips For Vape Charging

Let It Run Dry

One of the best tips for battery life longevity – both internal and external – is to let your battery run empty before charging. This will promote a healthy battery life for your vape device.

Try To Charge From A Laptop

The electricity running through wall-mounted sockets could be too powerful for your vape device, leading to a battery to be damaged over time. Try to charge your vape device through your laptop USB charger sockets instead of via a wall socket.