Chew Your Anxiety Away

CBD can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. And that’s one of the reasons (of many) that make it so great. You can vape it, you can apply it as a cream or oil and if you really want to, you can eat it. Yup, CBD gummies and CBD flowers can be eaten directly or mixed in with various foods so you can reap all the benefits of CBD by ingesting it. Which is great if you suffer from anxiety or particular mental health issues and use CBD as a remedy.

How are CBD gummies made?

All CBD products begin life with CBD extract, found from the cannabis plant. They’re then combined with other components, such as hemp oil or coconut oil when creating CBD oil. But as for gummies, the process is exactly the same as when creating regular chewy sweets! The CBD extracts are infused with the gelatin, the sweets are made into cute little shapes like bears and packaged up. Simple really. In fact, if you like a bit of DIY and reckon you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you can always try making your own CBD gummies. You just need some gelatin, fruit juice, CBD oil tincture and some sugar or sweetener. Melt the gelatin, add the ingredients and pour into whatever silicone mold you have. Then hey presto, you’ve just created your own CBD gummies!

Where can I find them?

If making CBD gummies isn’t for you, and don’t worry, not everyone likes to make them, then you can simply buy them. It’s the easier option. It’s one that we’d definitely do. And good news for you, we have a range of CBD gummies in stock for you to try. In fact if eating CBD is your game, we’ve also got some CBD flower buds for you to try as well.

Do they help with anxiety?

CBD gummies work almost exactly the same way as other CBD products. We say almost because obviously rubbing a CBD gummy against your sore leg isn’t going to have the same effect as putting on some CBD cream or oil. But when you eat a CBD gummy, it’s similar to using spray or vaping it as you get the CBD into your system where it can work its magic. Scientific studies and feedback from our customers have shown that ingesting CBD has helped improve anxiety. In fact, one of our regulars said it’s helped her massively regain some confidence in social situations. CBD has been known to help with anxiety and depression, creating a calming effect over body and mind. The fact that it’s a natural remedy is even better. Even if it is combined with gelatin and fruit juice! Saying that, if you want quick and easy access to CBD then CBD gummies are the way to go. And we have a generous selection in stock for you to choose from.