Do I Need To Clean My Vaporiser?

Vaporisers are an investment. Whilst you can find a whole host of great value vape kits in London and the UK, many of the higher powered and rebuildable devices on the market can cost anywhere from £150 for a full kit. With designer devices and collectables being developed as we speak, new series and sets storm the market every year, providing you with a tantalising new function or selling point.

That being said, rebuildable mods, mechanical mods and vape pens are built to last you years if you look after them properly. These devices give you the chance to swap and change components such as coils, tanks and atomisers, but leave the responsibility to you to keep the device working at its full capacity. This requires cleaning, maintenance and regular health checks that can easily be done from home. Whilst other devices such as pod mods and cigalikes are designed to be disposable or have components that are so, the more complex devices requires the user to wash, clean and change different parts of their device. Below are some of the cleaning tools and processes that some higher powered vape devices need you to keep an eye on.

What Needs Maintenance?


Coils are the small pieces of metal or conductive wire in vape devices that transport the electrical current from the battery. The coil provides the heat that vaporises the e-liquid, and being a piece of heated metal, will begin to oxidise over time. Whilst the coil, made from stainless steel, kanthal, nichrome, nickel or titanium, or durable and sturdy, the intense and regular heat they are exposed to will mean they should be replaced every few weeks.


This heating element is surrounded by the wicking cotton and coil and can accumulate gunk over time due to the heated e-liquid that surrounds it. The atomiser can be replaced or cleaned as you see fit and can be the reason for diminished vapour production and the dreaded dry hit.

Wicking Cotton

Wicking cotton is the absorbent material that the e-liquid is saturated into. This absorbent material is heated up and from this, the vapour you inhale is produced. With e-liquid and electrically triggered heat all wreaking havoc on the soft and delicate cotton, it’s nos surprise that wicking cotton needs to be replaced at least once a fortnight.

Deep Cleans

Aside from replacing your coils, cotton and atomisers, the best way to clean your vape kit is by taking apart the device and soaking it in either warm water or an ethanol or alcohol solution. Leaving the parts of the device to soak for half an hour or so will clear any residue.

Cleaning Toolkits

You can also buy sets of vape maintenance kits, which include fine brushes, screwdrivers and more to ensure your device’s nooks and crannies are clear from the gunk that can build up.

Alternatives If the above maintenance duties prove too much work for what you want from your vaping experience, there are plenty of other options. These include the JUUL starter kit UK and the IQOS heat not burn device, both of which provide replaceable cartridges that, when they’re empty can be disposed alongside temporary coils, atomisers and components.