Does JUUL Cause Popcorn Lung?

We all know that smoking can cause serious health problems. That’s one of the main reasons why people switch to vaping. However, now there have been many stories coming out about the dangers of vaping and Juul have fallen victim to numerous stories about their products causing popcorn lung. On a whole, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking and the aim of it is to stop smoking altogether. Like with anything there are health risks, but does Juul really deserve all the bad press it’s getting?

What is popcorn lung?

The official name for popcorn lung is bronchiolitis obliterans. Which sounds remarkably like obliteration. So anything to do with your chest and obliteration definitely doesn’t sound good. And to be honest, it isn’t. The condition can make you cough a lot and struggle to breathe. But why is it called popcorn lung? The name has come about because the condition can sometimes be caused by inhaling in the chemical that’s used to flavour microwave popcorn, though obviously other chemicals can cause it too. The main chemical though is diacetyl and factory workers that packaged popcorn were found to have popcorn lung more than other people, hence the name. Diacetyl had also been an active ingredient in e-cigarettes, though mainly in the United States, so you can see the controversy behind it.

Big thing in the news

When vaping first came onto the scene, many people saw it as a short-term fad. However the research, science and technology that goes into the creation of each individual device has shown that it’s more than that. As has the fact that many more people are giving up cigarettes and switching to vaping. The key thing about vaping is that it stops people from smoking harmful cigarettes to an alternative that’s better for them and the environment, with the hope of ceasing altogether. But as you might have seen in the news, people are now claiming that vaping is harmful for your health. To put things straight though, vaping has never claimed to be a magic cure but instead is a better alternative to smoking. And in that respect it is much better. Where are the news stories about people being sick from smoking cigarettes? Exactly, that is such old hat nowadays nobody even bothers to mention it, despite it being common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health, while vaping is a good way to stop it. Like everything there are always risks to be had but news stories can always get out of hand and brands can be blamed. It just so happens to be Juul’s turn.

Is Juul responsible?

It just so happens that one of the victims of popcorn lung claimed that they got it because they were vaping from a Juul. Now it may be that was the case, but Juul have claimed that there is no diacetyl used in its ingredients, as have many other vaping companies. Different chemicals have different effects and we’ve got so many different chemicals in food, drink and everyday things we ingest, spray or simply have near us. So it could be a coincidence or it could just be the fact that there’s a lot we just don’t know.
What we do know is that Juul have made sure that if it had anything to do with harmful effects, it removed them immediately. They’re dedicated to providing the best vaping experience possible so with the team behind them we can be safe that their products won’t cause any harm. If you want to get hold of some great Juul products, just head to your nearest Juul shop London or other major cities to get devices, Juul accessories and more.