Don’t Plod on with Your Usual Vape Liquids – Pop in a JUUL Pod

Vaping is nothing without something to actually vape – in other words, e-liquids. And if you’re looking to start using JUUL devices, that means discovering the wonderful world of JUUL pods.

Thanks to the easy-to-use simplicity of JUUL products, you can just snap a pod into your JUUL e-cig and you’re ready to go – you’re ready to start vaping, instantly. And, yes, a great vape awaits you, too; what with each and every pod offering up a terrific tasting, thoroughly satisfying, flavoured e-liquid, with terrific consistency from puff to puff.

What’s in a JUUL pod?

Now, technically speaking, each JUUL pod actually contains, nicotine salts – in addition to a carefully, fabulously realised flavour (delivered via temperature-regulated vapour technology) to make your vape go like a dream.

These nicotine salts are derived from the tobacco leaf itself, but they aren’t, it should be stressed, tobacco in layman’s terms. That is, they definitely aren’t the free-base tobacco contained in a conventional cigarette that brings with it tar and all the hazardous, health-threatening toxins that smoking inevitably exposes your body to.

Better than the alternative?

So, you may ask, that’s all well and good, but how do JUUL pods differ from other e-liquids (which you may also buy from the likes of a London vape shop)? Well, it is true that this system of vape juice does, in fact, differ from other kinds of e-liquid that’s out there and purchasable.

And that’s because, rather than relying on a traditional e-liquid approach, these flavoured pods are – as noted above – a simple, self-contained all-in-one solution that you just pop into your JUUL device, instead of having to mess around with filling a vape pen, e-cig or mod with e-liquid in the form of, say, a short-fill and then with an added nicotine shot.

Easy to purchase and fantastic flavour

Offering an easy and unique vaping experience, then? Sounds like you can’t go wrong with JUUL pods – but there’s got to be a catch somewhere, right? What about buying them, is that tricky? Hardly! Purchasing them online couldn’t be easier, especially when you come to us at cbdvape4u. All you have to do is visit our website, click on our JUUL pods page, choose the vape juice pod that takes your fancy, add it to your basket, check-out and – if it’s your wont – enjoy same-day dispatch.

And, naturally, while you’re at it, by all means take a look at the other terrific JUUL products we have; not just pods, but the devices themselves, accessories like a JUUL portable charging case and full starter kits for curious newbies.

But, as this article’s really all about opening your eyes to the greatness that are JUUL pods, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t conclude by enlightening you when it comes to all the flavours available to you here at cbdvape4u – after all, who could possibly resist the likes of…?

  • Mango Nectar (18mg/ 9mg) – a tangy mango flavour with notes of tropical fruits
  • Golden Tobacco (18mg/ 9mg) – a blend of rich traditional tobacco flavour with a smooth finish
  • Glacier Mint (18mg/ 9mg) – a bold and crisp mint flavour with an icy finish
  • Royal Crème (18mg) – a rich cacao flavour with notes of vanilla
  • Alpine Berry (18mg) – a brilliant berry flavour with bright and fresh notes
  • Menthol pods – A forthright flavour with an icy tang, it’s absolutely ideal for smokers who’d like to become ex-smokers but would also like to replicate the taste of menthol cigarettes, as they start their tobacco-quitting/ vaping journey.