Easy Ways to Make Your Coils Last Longer

In order to get an optimal vaping experience it’s important to take care of your equipment. And that means making sure it’s all cleaned and working properly. One of the core components of any vape device is the coil. While some (cheaper) vape pens and pods might need replacement coils each month, if you follow these simple steps you can make your coils last even longer.

When to replace a coil

It doesn’t matter if you’re vaping the best CBD vape juice UK or the most expensive premium e-liquid, when you start getting that burning taste then you know it’s time to clean your coil. But it’s not just a simple switch and replace. If you want to make sure your coil lasts longer then there are a few steps to take.

Priming a new coil

Unscrew your old, existing coil and take it out before putting in your new coil. Next it’s time to make sure you put in the new one the right way. It’s not just a case of screwing it in and off you go. You want to make sure your vape device is ready to run for a long time.

Wick and hit

Take a closer look at the wick, especially the part which is soaked by the e-liquid. You should see little holes – this is what you need to saturate. So take your e-liquid and pour a drop into each hole and one in the centre of the wick. After you’ve done this and  filled your device with e-liquid, put the device back together and take a hit. However, make sure you do it without holding down the power button – this is what we call a dry hit. By doing this, the liquid moves from the tank into the wink, ready for proper vaping.

Put it to the test

Now you want to make sure that your device is primed and ready to go. Whether you’re vaping e-liquid or trying some CBD e-liquid, such as our 1000mg CBD vape oil UK, follow these steps to make sure your coils will last a long time.

Easy on the trigger

It might be tempting to keep your finger on the power button but it’s important to learn some self-control on this. Some devices have timers to let you know when to hold and release the button, which is always a great help. However, after a while you should know by the taste of your e-liquid when to hold and let go. 

Patience is a virtue

Wait a couple of seconds before hits because this lets your coil cool down and take on more e-liquid. If you keep on going at it you could dry your coil out.

Don’t run on empty

You don’t want to run the risk of a dry fire so make sure you don’t completely drain the tank of e-liquid. We recommend waiting until you get to the final quarter or so before refilling.

Power down, man

If you can vape from 50 to 80 Watts you’re more likely to keep your coil for longer. Doing so at over 200 Watts might create more vapour but if you’re not in it for party tricks and just want it to last, think about your power usage.

Keep it clean

Whether you’re using CBD oil UK vape or the country’s finest e-liquids, it’s important to keep your vaping devices clean. Especially the coil. Using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab you can carefully clean it when performing your regular vape device cleanse.