Everything You Need To Know About CBD Vaping

The history of vaping

Whilst vaping may seem like somewhat of a recent trend, it actually has been around since ancient times. In Egypt, people would vape herbs and oils on heated stones. And more recent than that, e-cigarettes were proposed by Joseph Robinson in 1927. And in 1963 a man named Herbert Gilbert patented the idea under the name of ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.’ Then a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik created the first ever e-cigarette in 2000. This was introduced to the market in 2007! Becoming the huge trend, it is today.

So how do vaporisers work?

To make up the vaporiser, you need a battery, cartilage, atomizer and a mouth piece. Your voltage levels are 3.2V, 3.7C and 4.2V. And you can control this on your mod device. You can then charge these batteries. Your atomizer will heat up the e-liquid, and that will be turned into vapour which can be inhaled through the mouth piece. The cartilage is where you store your CBD oil, which is comprised with e-liquid and nicotine.

How much CBD should a person vape?

As expected, the amount of CBD you should take entirely depends on the person taking it. The best thing to do, is start off with small amounts and build it up. It is best to start with just one or two inhales from your device and see how you feel. You can keep increasing until you get the desired effects.

There are many things to consider when vaping CBD. For example, the longer you pull on the device, the more CBD that will go into your system. So, when you first start it is worth experimenting with the amount you want to inhale.

Is there a thing as too much CBD oil?

Fortunately, there are no recorded side effects of vaping CBD. There have been some mild reports of drowsiness when consumed too much. If this happens to you, you just need to adjust your dosage.

What kind of vape device should you use?

There are many devices that can be used, as well many that are more fitted to beginners. Here are some of the types of vaporizers you can choose. You can find all of these options at your local London vape shop.

A pre-filled vape pen: This is perfect for beginners. You can use the device straight out of the packet, so no set up necessary.

Using disposable cartridges: These are pre-filled with the CBD e-liquid and you just need to attach it to a battery. These are a great idea for people who want to change flavours often.

Use a vape mod: This a for more advanced users. It’s a specialised vaporiser that will fit a large amount of e-liquid and CBD oil in it. So, you’ll get a lot more use from it. Not only will you have to refill less, but you’ll have more freedom to customise your mod, to your tastes.

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