Everything You Need to Know About the JUUL Pod Mod

Pod Mods are a dime a dozen these days. With countless new models on the market, it can be very difficult indeed to know which one to go for, especially since there are differences in battery life, flavours, and cost from one product to another.

Among them is one of the most popular: the JUUL Pod Mod.

We already know that JUUL is the go-to for everyday vapers thanks to its long battery life, range of flavours, and ease-of-use, but that’s just scratching the surface. And, in light of the release of this limited edition Ruby Basic Kit by JUUL, we thought we’d write a full-fledged guide to this popular vape brand.

Below is everything vapers need to know about this innovative product, and a little about the broad range of accessories you can buy both online and in-store at any one of our three London locations: Blackfriars, Golders Green, and Tottenham Court Road.

Who are JUUL?

Created by PAX Labs in 2015, JUUL has since gone onto become one of the most influential vape companies in the world. Now its own entity after separating from PAX Labs, JUUL is known for some of the most innovative vape devices on the market today, and its products are sold internationally.

What is a JUUL device

A JUUL pod mod is made up of a casing and a slide-in cartridge. Inhale activated, the JUUL device has an internal battery which is rechargeable and comes with a range of flavoured cartridges, which when empty, are disposable

How does it work?

Simply click on the cartridge at the end of the device and inhale on the mouthpiece. A JUUL device has a long life when charged to its full capacity, usually lasting just under a day. Depending on the frequency of use, a JUUL pod cartridge can last well over 24 hours, too.

What Pods are available?

There is a whole range of different pod mod flavours you can choose from when purchasing your cartridges. These include Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Apple Orchard, Golden Tobacco and Glacier Mints. Shop now!

Is it right for the beginner vaper?

The JUUL vape device is perfect for those just making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Here’s why.


These devices are slick and discreet. No longer than a pen and easy to fit into your pocket, these devices have a high propylene glycol ratio, making the cloud produced far less dense than your average sub-ohm vape juice. This makes them far more subtle to use and therefore draws less attention.


The design also draws less attention than your average sub-ohm mod.

Whilst it might be subtle, the design itself is sleek and black, with a rectangular shape which draws the eye in its striking minimalism. With its simplicity of use, the JUUL is the perfect vape device for those unsure about the complicated mods on the market.

High in nicotine

With its high nicotine strengths, the JUUL pod mod is perfect for those looking for a bigger nicotine hit than other devices. This plays right into the hands of ex-smokers, looking for a device that has similarities to cigarettes, in both sensation and size in your hand.

Shop JUUL starter kits, accessories, and more now, along with other popular vape brands like PAX, IQOS, and more.