Expiry Expectations: How Long Does CBD Vape Juice Last?

So, what’s the shelf-life of those bottles of CBD-comprising vape juice you’re looking to buy? In other words, how long will they last? Many people would, no doubt, say it’s obvious – their shelf-lives are defined, per the manufacturers’ advice, by the expiry dates printed on their packaging, but is that true? After all, milk can turn sour a little before its use-by date, but more often is good for days well after that use-by date. So, what to believe? What really to go by?

It’s all far easier, of course, when it comes to purchasing equipment with which you heat and then vape e-liquids (such as, say, a PAX 2 vaporizer UK), as they keep working until, well, they don’t. With vape juice it’s surely less clear… indeed, does CBD vape liquid even expire, anyway…?

Do CBD vape juices expire?

Practically every product that loses not just quality but integrity (i.e. potency and flavour) over the course of its existence will feature a suggested expiry/ best-by/ sell-by/ use-by date on its packaging. However, in truth, these (pre)cautions on the part of manufacturers are little more than estimates – and that goes for CBD vape juices, as much as any kind of product.

In reality, few can claim to exactly predict how long specific CBD vape juice UK will remain good, as there’s been little research conducted on the subject. Yet, it’s obviously true that a bottle of the stuff will lose some amount of its potency, flavour and efficacy as it ages. Conventional wisdom pretty much has it that each bottle should be totally vapeable for between a year to two years.

How best to preserve CBD vape juice – and more

There’s no need to become overly cautious, but it is important to make sure, when storing them, you protect your CBD vaping consumables from the elements, which means storing them away from heat, light and oxygen; all of which can successfully degrade their cannabidiol and other ingredients (including the chemicals propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the base ingredients of any vape juice). Be sure, too, to always keep caps and lids on bottles when they’re not in use and if your CBD consumables taste at all like they shouldn’t, your best bet is to throw them away.

How long can CBD be preserved?

There’s always been talk among CBD users that if you’re careful storing and handling the likes of CBD vaping liquid, at every turn, then you can double its lifetime; that is, lengthen a bottle or batch’s recommended expiry date from one year to two. Is that actually true, though? Well, it’s probably a bit too optimistic, but looking after your bottles will definitely ensure it lasts as long as possible. A belief among some vapers/ CBD enthusiasts is that if you pop CBD vape liquid bottles in the fridge then you can preserve them longer. Now, you may find this works but trying it does come with a caveat – cold temperatures will ensure all the different chemicals in vape juices begin to separate, requiring the CBD e-liquid to be given enough time to return to room temperature (but not heated; never heated) and then shaken heartily before being vaped.