Vapers, Don’t Panic! Fully Compliant CBD Vape Oil is Safe

If you stay up-to-date on industry news or keep tabs on the mainstream media in the US, you’ve probably read a headline or an article or two about recent cases of vaping-related lung disease.

According to sources like CNN and The New York Times, there have been hundreds of people across the country who are suffering from severe lung illness after having vaped either nicotine or THC-based substances in the past 90 days.

While these are scary facts and figures, it’s not the whole story. 

The whole story is most of the vape cartridges – whether filled with CBD vape juice, THC vape juice, or nicotine vape juice – that is being investigated as the cause of these lung injuries and illnesses were purchased off the black market or are bootlegs.

That means they’re unregulated, not subject to compliance tests, and aren’t tested for contaminants. Basically, these cartridges are everything CBD VAPE 4 U’s products are not.

CBD vape oil: The Importance of Regulated Products

The health and safety of our customers are our top priority. And, when you look at this outbreak of lung disease in America, it’s easy to see how important regulation is in keeping vapers both healthy and safe.

Without regulatory bodies and compliance tests making sure products like UK CBD vape oil are free from pesticides and other contaminants, are up-to-scratch in terms of purity and are within the legal limits in terms of potency, vapers have no idea what they’re consuming.

CBD Vape Oil

Unfortunately, given the popularity of vaping, people all over the world are eager to get their piece of the pie. The result? Makeshift ‘companies’ are popping up in garages and back gardens and are illegally (and immorally!) producing and selling products under the radar of government and police authorities.

How to Spot a Bootleg

It’s one thing to know that ‘fake’ vape cartridges are out there, but it’s another to actually know how to spot them. Of course, you could avoid the need to recognise the counterfeits by always shopping at legitimate retailers and not buying unregulated products from strangers. 

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But, knowledge is power! Here are 3 ways to spot a bootleg.

The packaging

Look for spelling errors, poor quality imagery, and anything that looks ‘off’. Trust your gut! Legitimate manufacturers will be consistent in their packaging, so don’t write off anything as an error. It’s probably a fake.

The colour of the oil

Generally speaking, oil density should be thick and the colouring should be clear and gold. If you’re run into a cartridge with orange or brown liquid and you’re not buying from a trusted source, beware.

Dirt cheap prices

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t get us wrong! There are plenty of opportunities for you to save money on legitimate products through sales and package deals, but generally speaking, any vape cartridges being sold for well below the normal going rate are more than likely bootlegs.

CBD VAPE 4 U’s Promise

Every single one of our products – whether sold in-store or online – is fully compliant with UK, EU, and US regulations. We vet our suppliers and don’t cut corners in order to provide you with safe, honest products.

Where some pop-up shops are keen to buy stock cheap, sell it to unassuming customers and pack up and move on before any red flags are raised, CBD VAPE 4 U is here to stay. The quality of our products speaks for itself, and we’ll continue championing the everyday vaper by providing the best CBD vape oil UK at affordable prices.