Getting To Know Drip Tips

There are many forms of vape device out there. From the easy to replace pod mod and heated tobacco device such as Sienna Heets IQOS, to the tank-build, vape devices might be more than the sum of their parts, but they wouldn’t work at all without something to hold their lifeblood. 

Drip tips are just one of the ways in which you can enjoy vaping e-liquids on the go, and provide a unique and tailored experience for vapers who are done with tanks. Dripper devices can be found in almost all e-cig retailers, including our vape shop Golders Green Station. But is it suitable for everyone, and how exactly does it work? Below we provide a breakdown of how vaping with a drip tip works and the kind of vaper it is suited to. 

What Exactly Is A Dripper?

A dripper is a vape device that has been built without a tank. These devices utilise a hole over the wicking cotton through which you drip vape juice straight into the device. This uses up less e-liquid and provides a clean taste that lasts for only a few inhales. These devices are often made from rebuildable decks, meaning you can swap up different parts to create your perfect vaporiser build. 

How To Use A Dripper

You can buy a dripper device premade, but will want to replace your atomiser and wicking cotton when they inevitably degrade. Dripper devices include a whole, or bridge that looks directly down into the atomiser. It is through this that you drip your e-liquid. All you need is a few drops of your favourite vape liquid to full saturate the wicking cotton, before powering up your device and getting vaping. Remember that most RDA builds are built with sub-ohm capabilities, so are best used with direct to lung vaping techniques. 

More Flavour

If you’re a London e-liquid buyer, you best stock up if using a dripper. These devices might only use a little vape liquid at a time, but they use it up very quickly indeed. That being said, they arguably produce the purest and most concentrated flavour hits out of all the vape devices out there.

Do It Yourself

The best vape shops in London stock many different components for vape devices, and for DIY vapers, this aspect of drippers can be a real draw. RDA’s are popular with DIY vapers as they gift users with an easy way to personalise and customise their vape device. 

Easy To Maintain

Due to their rebuildable nature, drippers are very easy to maintain. Whether soaking individual parts or scrubbing with a pipe cleaner, RDA’s drip tip provides easy access for cleaning. 

Not A Beginners Vape

It’s important to note that RDA’s are not a device for beginners. These vape devices are made for those who enjoy building their own vape decks and know their way around them. They can be fiddly, and the constant refilling that ensures can be a turn off for those who want a quick and easy nicotine fix. 

Drip tips give experienced vapers a bespoke way to enjoy their e-liquid. It’s a perfect vehicle for trying and testing new liquids, and with the ability to make your own coils for RDA builds, could end up being a hobby for those who enjoy the creation as well as the sensation of vaporisers.