Getting To Know The Top Smoking Cessation Brands

Over the last decade, vaping has overtaken tobacco as one of the leading suppliers of nicotine. With the fantastic range of vape liquids on the market, it’s no surprise that more and more smokers are making the less dangerous switch and opting for heat not burn based products. 

That being said, the smoking cessation boom spans far further than just e-liquids. From pod mods to Scandinavian “snus” there’s something to suit all ex-smoking needs. Below is a breakdown of some of the best nicotine brands on the market, spanning from the best of vape liquids to the more niche options out there for ex-smokers. Every type of smoking cessation product has its own unique selling point, but it’s up to the customer to decide which one suits their needs.


Lyft is a unique northern European nicotine substitute that is made from powder. With a wide ranging menu of flavours and nicotine strengths, Lyft is simply rubbed onto the gums, and is absorbed by the bloodstream far quicker than other smoking cessation tools. 


Lyft is a truly unique smoking cessation tool, in that it might be completely alien to those from the UK. the good thing about Lyft is that it is subtle to use, creating no vapour and using no tobacco products in the process. Lyft is also fast acting, the gums being an incredibly direct method of absorption into the bloodstream. 


Relx is one of the most recent pod mods to hit the market, and with picturesque, evocative flavour names such as Naked In Iceland and Diving In Vietnam, the Relx CBD Vape 4 U range is really making its mark amongst higher profile pod mod brands. Relx devices reflect their colourful names, and that’s before we even get started on the rich flavours you can choose from. 


Relx provides nicotine concentrations and devices that stand out from other, usually chrome coloured pod mods. The reflective sheen on Relx pod mods such as Solar Eclipse and Sunset Glow make them truly beautiful pieces of kit, and add a touch of personalisation that you don’t usually find in the pod mod world. 


The range of Hee cartridges and IQOS CBD Vape 4 U sells online is second to none, and provides an extensive deep dive into this unique heat not burn tool. Built much like a pod mod, the triple filtered IQOS device discards vape liquid for compressedtobacco cartridges that are heated into a vapour without unlocking the toxic carcinogens that tobacco is usually associated with.


With strong nicotine concentrations and authentic tobacco flavours, the IQOS device is one of the best smoking cessation tools for heavy ex-smokers. The device offers much of the same sensations and nicotine hit that a cigarette would, all without the damaging effects of burning tobacco. 


One of the best known vape devices on the market, Vype are well known for their great value cigar shaped devices and strong range of flavours, providing flexibility and ease of use.


One of the main reasons that Vype CBD Vape 4 U stock is so popular is due to the devices ease of use. With simple inhale activation, Vype provides those who are new to vaping with an effective method of smoking cessation and a great many flavours to choose from.