Getting to Know Your CBD Alternatives

The heat not burn and vaping industry has paved the way for many new additions to flavour, taste and vape device design. With so many innovations being released every year, it’s hard to take notice of some of the more beneficial additions – CBD, or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol might have already been used in creams, balms and sprays, but its application in the vape industry has added a whole new dimension to the industry and what it can be used for. We all know the benefits of vaping over smoking, but adding cannabidiol products into the mix also opens up the industry to many new benefits, both medically proven as remedial and used casually as a supplement. Below are just some applications for CBD, and the ways in which they could benefit you.

CBD Vape Juices

Whether being used in a JUUL starter kit or PAX 3 vaporiser, CBD vape juices come with a broad variety of flavours and strengths, all completely nicotine free. With the unique taste of hemp-infused into and complementing the flavours of the e-liquid, CBD vape juices have quickly become some of the most popular forms of cannabidiol consumption.


CBD vape oil UK brands include Love Hemp and Hemp Lucid, and offer tinctures, concentrates and flavoured liquids that can be added to food, drinks and applied directly. The effects of CBD vape oil are longer to take hold but last longer when they do. 

CBD Loose Leaf

Loose leaf is the most organic way of using CBD and takes the form of organic plant matter. Whilst it might not be the most efficient use of CBD properties, the loose-leaf flower buds provide a pleasant taste in their organic and unconcentrated form and are usually inhaled on a vaporiser device, heated through electricity rather than burnt with fire, which would otherwise unlock its carcinogenic and damaging properties. 

CBD Cream

CBD cream can come in a variety of fragrances and mixtures, often being mixed with other plant extracts to fully create a nourishing and beneficial cream. Research has shown that CBD can be used to relieve symptoms in arthritis, skin conditions, sprains and muscle injuries, either as an anti-inflammatory or as a deep tissue relaxer. The pain relief and skin nourishing effects of CBD have also led to the development of several CBD infused face masks, that aims to revitalise skin and decrease the speed of its ageing process.

CBD Capsules

Capsules of CBD are treated like any other health supplement. Much like Omega 3 and some vitamins, the focus of these supplements is more on the psychological than the physiological, aiding in calmness and relaxation and even helping to alleviate symptoms in illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

CBD Edibles

Though capsules are technically edible, the true use of an edible has more of a fun and informal feel to it. CBD infused baked goods and sweets ensure that you get the benefits of CBD but from within a tasty treat. CBD needn’t be a completely serious matter and alternatively can be fun as well as healthy.