How Cannabis And CBD Could Help With Respiratory Problems

The growing research into CBD and cannabis has shown that not only has it become a valuable resource for global economies, but it can be useful in science and medicine as well. Whilst the broad range of cannabis vape oil UK users are recreational, there are many people out there who find it is useful in treating a great many health issues. 

From insomnia to chronic pain, there’s evidence that CBD has been incredibly useful in reducing the symptoms of many different ailments, and has been melded into treatments for epilepsy, reducing the effects of chemotherapy and many skin conditions. One area that has seen traction over the last year, especially in response to the global spread of the COVID pandemic, is how CBD can help those with lung damage and diseases. Whilst vape stores near me might not be the first port of call for those concerned about their lung health, there are a great many reasons why there is such a precedent into CBD research.

CBD Studies Into Lung Inflammation

Cannabis in lungs

Harking back to the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, research into how the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol could be used for respiratory illnesses such as COVID was well underway. The University of Lethbridge in Calgary, Canada began experimenting with different strains of CBD way back in the spring of 2020, and this research was furthered by scientists at the Medical College of Georgia in autumn of the same year. Whilst no studies have been peer-reviewed yet, the evidence only adds to the examples of how CBD research is vital in the science industry. 

CBD Encourages Apelin Production In The Body

Peptides called apelin have their growth encouraged by CBD in the body. Peptides are amino acid chains that help the human body in many natural processes. Apelin is a type of peptide that is known to reduce inflammation, and its production is greatly increased when cannabidiol from a supplement, cream or CBD oil vape is present in the body.

Why Is Apelin Important In Lung Health?

The production of apelin in the lungs is important in the fight against a condition known as adult respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS for short. ARDS is a blanket term that can refer to any situation in which the lungs of adults are severely damaged by a disease or infection. Apelin helps to reduce inflammation and decrease physical lung damage, something that COVID 19 is known to cause. 

How Apelin Links To COVID

When patients have COVID 19, their apelin levels are low. Therefore, any drug or chemical that increases the levels of this peptide is vital for the fight against COVID in the body. Apelin has an important part to play in decreasing blood pressure, and the same processes take place when the lungs become inflamed, apelin being a key regulator in lung health after an infection or respiratory virus. 

The Next Steps In Exploring This Link

Whilst the above links to lung health are preliminary, there is much confidence in the wide possibilities of cannabidiol products such as CBD vape oils and supplements in the fight for better lung health. The next step is to work out how exactly the positive correlation between the highly important apelin and cannabidiol actually works, and how this relationship can be harnessed in the most effective way possible. Whilst any further research might not be ready in time to quell the COVID virus before the vaccines do, it could possibly help to reduce the symptoms of viruses and lung inflammation in the future.