How Is Vaping More Effective Than Other Nicotine Replacement Therapies?

With the month of Stoptober almost upon us, an influx of smokers will sign up to the online campaign to try and give up the unhealthy habit for good. With many options for quitting cigarettes advertised and written about during this month-long stop smoking campaign, one that is often deemed the most effective are the many versatile products available at vape shops up and down the country. 

From the Relx pod mod to the SMOK designed variable current mod, the versatility of vape devices has only grown in recent years. With more and more innovations and extensive research into this unique smoking cessation tool, it’s unsurprising that it is often the best support tool for giving up cigarettes.

Apart from versatility, what is it about vaping that makes it such an important tool in the fight against smoking compared to, say the IQOS which uses similar heat not burn technology? Below you’ll find a full outline of why vaping has led hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers to give up tobacco for good. 

How Does A Vaporiser Work?

Much like the IQOS Heets, vape devices use heat not burn technology but instead of vaporising tobacco, it uses a tobacco-free liquid that is made up of nicotine, flavourings and two organic compounds as soluble carriers. Heat not burn technology works via a battery either installed or built into the vape device which when activated, heats up a coil and atomiser. This electrically generated heat, in turn, heats up e-liquid that has been administered into the vape device and is turned into vapour. This vapour is inhaled via a mouthpiece. 

The Biological Benefits Of Heat Not Burn

The reason why vaping has been proven by Public Health England to be 95% less dangerous than tobacco is that it does not use fire to create its vapour. Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of toxins and carcinogens, all because it is burnt rather than heated electronically. 

More Flexibility

Cigarettes aren’t much to look at, simply cylindrical paper until they’re burnt down to an ugly stub. The many designs of vapes courtesy of some of the best creatives in the world come in as many shapes and sizes as people do! Further to this, there’s a vaporiser for everyone, whether you enjoy small, subtle inhales from a pod mod or large hefty plumes of vapour from a variable mod. 

More Flavours

Alongside the versatility of the devices themselves, there’s a flavour suited to all tastes. From the jammy doughnut lover to the cool hit of menthol, there’s a vape flavour and brand that has the power to make you forget about tobacco entirely. 

Controlling Your Nicotine Intake

Another aspect of vaping that aids your shedding of nicotine addiction is that you can choose how much of it you are using during your vaping sessions. Nicotine concentrations in the UK span between 0 mg and 20 mg per 10 ml bottle, meaning that ex-smokers can start at higher levels if needs be and then dial down their nicotine concentrations in increments. 

Greater Value For Money

Whilst finances aren’t the first worry for a smoker looking to improve their health, it is still a factor and indeed an incentive to quit tobacco for good. Since the stringent restrictions on tobacco were introduced in the mid-noughties, the prices for a pouch have seen a steep rise over the last 15 years. Prefill 10 ml bottles of vape liquid on the other hand can be sold for as little as £2.99 a bottle, making it far better value for money as well as being 95% less dangerous.