How to Inhale Properly

Vapour is made in a vaping atomizer, sometimes called a vape tank. It is a self-contained chamber which is electrically connected to the vape mod. It has a resistance heating element which is usually a metal coil and an absorbent wick saturated with e-juice. This contains similar base ingredients to theatre “smoke”. When a vaper takes a hit, the coil heats the liquid from the wick, immediately making smoke-looking vapour.

In order of ease of usage, the  following are the four major categories of atomizers:

  • The Pre-Filled atomizer: In this atomizer, you would find non-replaceable coils, disposable pods, some cartridges, and cartomizers. It is a single-user atomizer.
  • The Refillable atomizer:   In the atomizer, you will find non-replaceable coils, disposable pods, some cartridges, and cartomizers. This is a multi-user atomizer.
  • The refillable with replaceable coils atomizer: This atomizer is reusable and has proprietary replacement coils, Sub ohm tanks, and clearomizers
  • The rebuildable atomizer: This is a user-installed atomizer which has wicks and coils and is indefinitely reusable. It has a “Do it Yourself” feel and Is mostly any atomizer written as an acronym beginning with “R”, like RDA, RTA, RDTA, etc.

How to vape

  • Get yourself a basic vape starter kit. 

Even though they may not look like it,  basic vape kits still make vapour in the same way as your regular vape kit.  The four major types of these kinds of vape kits you could try are Pod vapes, AIOs, E-cigarettes, and Disposable e-cigarettes. 

All vape kits come with some sort of instructions. The instructions will explain how best to use your specific kit with text or useful diagrams for clarification.

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  • Get the best vape juice for your selected kit type.

Select a flavour that is appealing to you and pick a nicotine level you can handle. High nicotine vape juice generally comes in smaller bottles that are 30 mL or less and bottles of lower nicotine juice will naturally come in larger bottles that are 30 mL or more. 

Your Nicotine preference depends on what you like, but the general recommendations for the best experience with different devices include higher nicotine (12 mg to 60 my), Medium nicotine (6 mg to 12 my), and Lower nicotine (0 mg to 6 mg).

How to inhale 

The way you inhale can make or mar your vape experience. If you inhale incorrectly, you could end up coughing or an unpleasant rush of nicotine.

Here are two ways you could inhale;

  • Mouth to lung inhalation

Vaping this way creates low vapour and feels like the act of smoking. It works best in smaller vapes that have high resistance coils and use high nicotine. When taking a drag from these devices, it feels like sucking air through a straw.

To do this;

Gradually draw the vapour into your mouth for a few seconds

Let the vapour stay in your closed mouth for one or two seconds

Open your mouth and breathe out the vapour. Make sure you don’t swallow it

Exhale after the vapour has hit your lungs

  • Direct Lung Inhalation

This type of hit is suitable for larger vape that have low resistance coils and make use of low nicotine. Taking a drag on one this device usually feels like you are sucking air through a milkshake straw.

 It makes the most vapour and feels like taking a “bong hit,” even though it is considered smooth and easy as it’s used mostly with low or zero nicotine.

As a rule of thumb, high nicotine between 12 mg to 60 my is better suited for mouth to lung, and low nicotine between 0 mg to 6 my is best for direct lung inhales. Medium nicotine can be okay for both types of inhaling.

To do direct lung inhalation, quickly draw vapour directly to the lungs and exhale vapour almost immediately.