How To Maintain A Dry Herb Vaporiser

Dry herb vaporisers have risen in popularity over the last few years, in part because of the lifting of restrictions on CBD products and the American decriminalisation of Marijuana. Tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris have also capitalised on the technology of dry herb vaporisers by creating devices such as the IQOS whilst CBD liquids and dry herb have flourished in many sectors for consumers. This has meant that the dry herb vaporisers like the PAX are becoming increasingly commonplace in the homes of vapers and CBD users.

But when it comes to dry herb vaporisers, those who are new to e-cigs might have a little trouble maintaining their devices and understanding how they differ from the simpler designs of pod mods and cigalikes. Whilst pod mods such as the JUUL and its JUUL compatible pods are easy to use and replace, the dry herb vaporiser requires users to be a lot more attentive than with other devices. We’ve outlined some of the ways in which you can help increase the satisfaction you get from and the longevity of your dry herb vaporiser.

How Does Dry Herb Vaping Work?

Dry herb vaping utilises much of the same technology as regular vaping does, but with one major difference. Dry herb vaporisers contain an oven compartment in which users can place their loose leaf and organic material. Whether it be CBD or heated tobacco such as in the IQOS device, the dry herb vaporiser must heat to a much higher level than a CBD pen that uses e-liquid. 

Why Should You Maintain Your Dry Herb Vaporiser?

The combination of high temperatures and organic material means that your dry herb vaporiser can become far more clogged up than a CBD liquid, and far quicker as well. With a clogged up or dirty dry herb vaporiser, you might experience less powerful hits, a burnt taste and an overall more unpleasant vaping experience. 

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits often come in a bundle pack with your vaporiser. These are important tools for dry herb vape maintenance as they include a brush and pipe cleaner. These can be utilised in a number of ways.

Oven Cleans

Whether you give it a deep scrub using a cleaning alcohol bath or you scrub it with your vaporiser cleaning kit, cleaning your oven compartment from residue is one of the most important aspects of vape maintenance. Grime can build up, especially when you remember that the high temperatures of heat not burn technology are mostly focused on this part of your device.

Mouthpiece Cleans

Whilst most dry herb vaporisers come with a triple filter system, residue can get through to your mouthpiece. Customisable mouthpieces are becoming ever more commonplace and ensuring that no loose-leaf material has managed to travel through it is key to a hygienic and taste optimised device. Use your pipe cleaner to scrub the inside of your mouthpiece, or otherwise remove the component and give it an alcohol or warm soapy water bath. 

Heat Settings And Taste

Make sure to change your heating settings to find the right taste for you. If your loose-leaf is often heating to a burnt taste, try lowering the heat settings to see if it vaporises more effectively.