How To Maintain Your Pod Mod

With so many vape devices now available on the market, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to maintenance. With vape mods, it’s all about individually cleaning each component whilst with dry herb vaporisers and heated tobacco devices such as the IQOS UK, you must make sure that the mesh filters are in good working order. There’s a lot to remember and that’s before we even get talking about the electronic elements of heat not burn devices.

Whilst cigarettes are disposable, their ease of use comes with a price. Vaping products help you to lead a less unhealthy lifestyle, and for that gift, you need to take care of your e-cigs to ensure their longevity. Even the simplest vape devices come with instructions, and ingraining vape maintenance into your monthly routine will reap rewards and vaping satisfaction down the line. Whether you use nicotine salt infused vape juice or Love Hemp CBD e-liquid, nothing tastes quite as good as when you have kept your vape in good condition. 

Whilst they might seem simple on paper, the pod mod does not escape your caste and attention. From the JUUL at London stores to the cheap high street pod mod, you can attain vaping longevity if you follow this simple maintenance guide. 

So What’s In A Pod Mod?

A pod mod is a unique form of vape device that is favoured by newcomers to the smoking cessation tool and vaping veterans alike. The pod mod utilises cartridges instead of a vape tank, which holds its vape liquid, wicking cotton and atomiser all in one small cartridge or “pod”. Generally inhale-activated, pod mod devices are easy to maintain and refill, in that once a pod is empty (you’ll know thanks to the burnt taste) you simply replace it with a new one!

Why You Need To Maintain A Pod Mod

So if it’s so easy to use and its cartridges are simply replaceable, why do you need to give it any TLC at all? Pod mods are generally quite small and lightweight which means that their circuitry can be quite fragile. Whilst they’re made to be sturdy for discrete on the go vaping, a knock or two too many could see you visiting CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop in London for a new one. The pod mod is also charged via a mini USB port cable which juices up its internal battery. The battery is non-replaceable so if you fry that, you’ll be vapeless again. 

Cleaning Your Cartridge

Cartridges might be replaceable, but they shouldn’t be ignored. If you’ve picked up an old pod that still has juice in it, make sure to dust off any dirt or grime that it’s accumulated, especially around the area that connects to the vape circuit. You can do this with a dry paper towel. 

Cleaning Your Connector

A dirty connector can wreak havoc on the taste and effectiveness of your vape device. Use a cotton bud or paper towel to get any dirt that might have accumulated on the connector teeth and ensure that your vape is tasting and working as normal. 

Charging Your Pod Mod

Make sure that you do not leave your pod mod charging overnight, and always ensure that you are using the cable that the device came with to do so. Pod mods are usually fully charged within 2 hours or so, and if you use the wrong micro USB cable – even if it looks similar – you could be supplying the device with the wrong voltage, ultimately damaging the internal battery.