How To Maintain Your Pod Mod

When it comes to vaporiser upkeep, many newcomers to the smoking cessation tool will opt for the least amount necessary. Whilst variable and mechanical mods establish a precedent for versatility and flexibility, many recently converted ex-smokers are simply looking for an enjoyable way to kick their tobacco habit. When visiting one of the high street vape shops near you, you’ll come across countless e-cigs but it’s especially important that as a newcomer to vaping, you start simple. Complicated setups with no experience can put off potential vapers and push them back to tobacco. 

That’s where pod mods come in. Available in many high street retailers, the pod mod keeps things simple and efficient. There are no coils or atomisers you’ll need to research and replace, and neither is there any tank cleaning. That being said, if you’re purchasing a JUUL pod near me, you’ll still need to learn a few tips and tricks to prolong the battery life and health of your device. After all, smoking cessation technology that runs on batteries, and all electronically powered devices for that matter, require at least a little attention to use safely and effectively.

Use The Right Cartridges

All pod mods have cartridges that have been specifically designed for that vape device. For instance, JUUL pods would not fit in a Vype device, and neither would it fit a Relx. make sure not to buy the wrong cartridges for your vape device, and furthermore, ensure that you replace them once they’re empty – inhaling from an empty cartridge can be rather unpleasant and could in fact see you inhale toxins from the degrading coil.

Check For Leaks

Although all pod mods and cartridges are sturdy in their build, always check for leaks coming from your cartridge. Leaking UK vape juice can clog up the connection between the battery and the coil, and lead to a weaker output. 

Pod Mod Batteries

Pod mod batteries are internal, meaning that they’re not replaced when they break. This makes it even more crucial that you care for your pod mod’s internal battery and ensure that it is kept healthy. 

Use The Right Charger

Make sure that you use the same charger that your vape device came with. Almost all pod mod internal batteries are charged using a micro USB cable, but you shouldn’t use any old one on account of the different flows of charges through the wire. If you exceed the voltage or watts charging your device through your cable, you could end up damaging the electronics of your pod mod.

Don’t Leave Unattended

Further to proper charging cables, never leave your device unattended when recharging. Unattended charging is one of the key factors in electronic fires caused by vape devices. Moreover, only keep your device charging until it’s full. Overcharging can actually reduce the life of your battery.

Cleaning Your Pod Mod

Cleaning pod mods is easy in that there are only two components to them – the body and the cartridge. You only need to clean the body of your device. Soak it in cleaning alcohol for a few minutes, dry and see the results for yourself. This process should rub off any gunk that has built up in the connecting areas of your device. For an even more thorough clean use a cotton bud or swab to clean out stubborn grime.