How To Prolong The Life Of Your Vape Device

It goes without saying that vape devices last longer than a pack of cigarettes. With their smart heat not burn technology, replaceable parts and reliable charging kits, you could be using the same e-cig for years before it kicks the bucket. Whilst vape shops in London might sell the best new vape tech made with the most innovative and durable materials, it doesn’t mean these devices will last forever without your attention. 

The more complex e-cigs, such as the rebuildable vape mod and mechanical mod still require you to do some of the upkeep. Whether that be in the form of replacing parts or just charting the amount of power you’re using, there are some easy ways to ensure your device is performing as effectively and efficiently as it can. Vape devices aren’t always cheap, and like with any investment, you’ll want to retain its value. 

Turn Off Your Device After Use

When using a vape device that has a power button, save battery by turning off the device after use. Rebuildable devices, vape pens and pod mods often have a fire button, which is used to activate the inhale feature. This can be pressed multiple times to turn off the device, ensuring that batteries are safe from an unintended switch on.

Clean Your Device At Least Once A Month

cleaning vape device

Rebuildable mods have replaceable components. Over time, these components can degrade due to their exposure to heat. Mods can be disassembled and soaked in water or ethanol to get rid of any gunk. Heated tobacco devices such as the IQOS and their cartridges, known as Heets, can clog up the interior of the device with filtered tobacco. You can buy cleaning brushes to brush away any residue from the heated tobacco. You can find out more about cleaning your device and IQOS Heets online.

And Your Batteries

vape batteries

Whilst you certainly don’t want to scrub up your batteries interior (if so, you can say goodbye to your brush!), you can make sure that their exteriors are clean and undamaged. External battery leaks can be avoided with inspection of your device, and externally clean batteries will provide a better connection with an e-cig’s inner circuitry.

Up The Nicotine Or CBD Concentration

This tip’s logical but requires a certain amount of self-control; upping the nicotine or CBD concentration that you use hypothetically means that you’ll use it less, feeling satisfied with fewer puffs. This will take the strain off your battery and see it last that little bit longer before it needs to be charged. 

Replace Your Parts

After a few weeks, your coil, atomiser and wicking cotton will need to be replaced. These parts of your device won’t last forever, and will in fact slow down the device’s functions and lessen your enjoyment. For instance, a heat-degraded coil won’t generate as much electricity and therefore waste more of your batteries power. Make sure to replace your rebuildable mod’s parts at least once a month.

Use The Right Charging Kit

Different chargers use different amps and if the charger you’re using supplies more amps than your device is suitable for, you could damage the circuitry of your device. Make sure that you are using the charger that your device came with to minimise the risk of e-cig damage. The same goes with devices that use external batteries too, low quality external batteries can damage your device so make sure to buy them only from trusted vendors.