How To Use The IQOS

The IQOS device has gained increasing popularity over the last few years as seen by the expanding range on CBD Vape 4 U’s website. First released by the Phillip Morris tobacco company in a 2014 trial run, the IQOS has since become widely used and evolved into a staple of the vaping community. Over the years, the IQOS has been reshaped and restyled but has maintained its core essence, heated tobacco vaped in an authentic but less dangerous way than cigarettes. 

Comparable to both dry herb vaporisers and pod mods in their function and aesthetics, you can now find the IQOS in our vape shop in Blackfriars Station. Due to its unique use of heat not burn technology, the IQOS has a slightly different mode of functioning to a normal vape juice. Below you’ll find an outline of how to use and maintain the IQOS device, including a rundown of the different flavours available and who they’re best suited to. 

IQOS At A Glance

The IQOS device has an interesting history. On seeing the rising popularity of vaping, paired with the huge amount of damage that tobacco was causing, the tobacco giant Phillip Morris developed the IQOS as a happy medium between using their tobacco products and reducing the harm that smoking can cause nicotine addicts. The IQOS takes the form of a cigar-shaped vape device, and instead of using e-liquid uses compressed tobacco that is heated and vaporised rather than smoked. 

How To Use The IQOS

Through a triple filter system, the IQOS transports its heated tobacco vapour via a fire button. Fire button activated, the IQOS vape device’s button should be held for two seconds. Once it is, the LED light will begin flashing green. Once it’s a solid green colour, you can begin using the device for up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first. This mimics the amount of time it takes to smoke a cigarette. As the cycle starts coming to an end, the LED light will turn red, giving you 2 puffs or 30 seconds remaining before it turns off again. You can then begin the experience again whenever you are ready until the device needs charging again. 

HEETS At A Glance

You can buy IQOS cigarettes online alongside spare HEETS. Heets are cartridges of compressed tobacco that you slide into the back of the device. The HEET comes in a range of flavours that reflect the tastes of different Phillip Morris brands. These include amber, red, yellow, turquoise, blue, green and sienna strains of tobacco. Each comes with just as much nicotine content as your average cigarette and has a similar taste to tobacco itself. A HEET stick will have to be replaced once the 6 minute time is up.


The UK and London IQOS is chargeable via its pocket charger. This pocket charger must be recharged after about 20 uses and can be charged via a USB cable. Line up the holder button with the hatch button on your device and slide the holder back into its pocket charger. Once inside its pocket charger, the IQOS will not take long to charge. Its LED light will flash green as it does so and will stop when fully charged. 


Using the IQOS cleaner, daily cleans within the holder should keep your taste and performance at an optimum level. Make sure to use the brush provided in your IQOS starter kit and to use the cleaning hook to slide out any loose tobacco. Alternatively, you can use the cleaning sticks to give the device a deeper clean.