How To Use The PAX 2 Vaporiser

The PAX 2 Vaporiser UK is a dry herb heat not burn device that has been on the market for about 5 years now, and since then, has proved resilient for a great many CBD and marijuana vapers experiences over the years. The PAX is unique in its design and function and is probably the most popular dry herb vaporiser on the market right now. 

That being said, e-liquid vapers thinking about making the change to dry herb products might find a steep learning curb on their first purchase. Dry herb vaping works in a slightly different way to classic e-liquid devices such as the Vype starter kit and might need a little more maintenance than your vape pen or variable mod. Whether making the switch to dry herb from vaping or smoking, the returnability of taste, sensation and flexibility means that you’ll probably want to stick with it, at least for a little while. 

This blog will focus on the PAX 2 vaporiser rather than three. The reason for this is that because it’s slightly older, it’s sold for less money and is the perfect choice for simple dry herb vaping and for beginners to enjoy. 

How Does The PAX 2 Vaporiser Work?

The PAX 2 vaporiser is a heat not burn device that uses organic and loose-leaf material that is heated up in its oven compartment and vaporised for inhalation. The PAX 2 is charged via a USB cable and has its own internal battery. You can choose the temperature at which you would like to heat the loose leaf matter, which in turn will liven and enrich its taste. 

PAX 2 vaporisers are used with waxes, hemp products and other organic materials that might otherwise be used for smoking but are safer and less unhealthy than the chemicals that are unlocked when they’re smoked. This process is not unlike that found in the compressed tobacco IQOS devices, for which you can also order HEETS online at CBD Vape 4 U.

What You Get In The Starter Kit

The PAX 2 starter kit comes with a vape device, an oven lid, an elevated and flat mouthpiece, a cleaning kit that includes pipe cleaners and a wire brush as well as a USB charger that reaches 2 feet in length.

Variable Temperature Controls

One of the key selling points of the PAX 2 is its flexible heating options. After turning on the PAX 2 using its power button under the mouthpiece, you can select a temperature to vape at. The four temperatures are 180, 193, 204 and 215 degrees C. 

Press and hold the fire button to place the device into temperature set mode. The LED light will flash, at which point you can short press the device to decide which temperature setting to use. One green petal light on your device means 180°C, two yellow petals means 193°C, three orange petals means 204°C and four red petals means 215°C. Once you’ve selected your temperature, simply shake or long-press your PAX 2 vaporiser to exit temperature setting mode. Keep in mind that it will take your device about 30 seconds to reach its highest temperature. 

Charging Your PAX 2

Like the JUUL portable charger and other vape devices, the PAX 2’s charging cable can be plugged into the mains or an electronic device. At full power, the device should last for between 6 and 8 sessions. You can place your device in a magnetic wallet whilst charging, and the device’s lights will turn white when fully charged. A good indicator for how charged your device is the light showing one white petal for under 25 percent charge, two for between 25 and 50 percent, three for 50 to 75 and four for 75 to 100 percent.