How To Work A JUUL Pod Mod

Vaporisers are designed with simplicity in mind. Regardless of its variable modes, temperature controls or rebuildable decks, all vapes boil down to the same systems of use. Whether you’re new to the UK’s top smoking cessation tool, or you’ve been using them for years, all the systems work in broadly speaking, the same manner.

No vape device is simpler than a pod mod. These are some of the most abundantly available devices on account of their size and their simplicity and can be found everywhere from vape shops near me to high street corner shops. These devices are great value purchases and use premium, flexible e-liquid, and none represent the sleek, efficiency and discretion of the pod mod better than the JUUL device. 

The JUUL was developed by PAX labs and is probably the best known of the pod mods on the market in the UK. Partly due to their effective marketing and in part due to the sheer quality of these sleek devices, the JUUL is instantly recognisable for those in the know. As the first choice for first-time vapers, the JUUL is often many people’s introduction to the e-cigs. For this reason, this blog will outline the simple set up and method of use for the JUUL, and by extension, most other pod mods out there.

What Is The JUUL?

The JUUL is a pod mod designed by vape tech connoisseurs PAX Lab. rectangular in shape, the JUUL device is discreet and ultra-modern in its look. No one would blame you for mistaking a UUL for an unusually long USB stick. 

The JUUL uses JUUL pods, which can come in a variety of flavours and nicotine concentrations of up to 20 mg. The cartridge itself contains the wicking cotton and atomiser meaning that the device itself can be very streamlined.


As a simple but powerful vape device, the JUUL vape device has its pre-made cartridges of UK vape juice slotted into the back of the vape. Once it’s been slotted in, the device is inhale activated via the mouthpiece. Once the e-liquid cartridge is empty, simply replace it with a new one. JUUL cartridges contain 0.7 ml of e-liquid, and depending on your vaping habits, should last for a day or two. 

How To Use A JUUL

As mentioned, JUUL pods are easy to use and inhale activated. The internal battery and low power usage of the JUUL mean that it is best suited to high PG oriented mouth to lung vaping, much like that of a cigarette. MTL vaping is the technique of sucking in the vapour to your mouth before breathing it into the lungs, differing from its direct to lung, higher-powered counterparts.

Charging Your JUUL

A JUUL’s charge can last for a full day and is known for its efficiency of power. Charging a JUUL device is also very easy and uses a micro USB port on the side of the device to provide electricity. It is recommended that you use the same charging kit as was provided with your starter pack, different micro USB chargers have varying currents, meaning that an off-brand charger could overload the vape circuit.