IQOS HEETS – How Do They Work?

The many types of vape device on the market today can make it hard to pick just one. But when it comes to smoking cessation and vaping, everyone has different tastes and needs. Whether your choice is a low nicotine, high powered mod or a simple, easy to use cigalike, the possibilities of device and flavours are near endless. 

With so much choice on the market, it’s a good idea to hone in just one product to break down its strengths and weaknesses. Today that focus will be on the IQOS starter kit, a device that is unique in its applications and user base. Below is everything you need to know about the IQOS, who it’s both suited and not unsuited to.

What Is The IQOS

The IQOS is a vape device that was developed by monolith tobacco company Phillip Morris. With the advent of the vaping industry, Phillip Morris developed their own type of heat not burn device called IQOS, which instead of using vape liquids, utilises a unique blend of tobacco that is heated and not burnt.

How Does It Work?

The crux of all vape products relies on heat not burn technology, and the IQOS is no different. The only thing that separates the IQOS from other vape devices is that the device electronically heats up compressed, flavoured tobacco, discarding the element of fire needed in smoking and thus being a lot safer for the body than it’s predecessor. The IQOS runs on much the same type of system as a vape device, utilising electricity, atomisers, filters and coils to run its system. 


Revolutionary in their design, Heet sticks are made of compacted, flavoured tobacco that provides a rich and layered taste experience that can be likened to specific tobacco blends. The Heet uses a triple filtered system that ensures that no carcinogens or toxins get to you. The Heet has been certified as 95% safer than smoking.

Authentic Tobacco Flavour

One of the main selling points of Phillip Morris’s IQOS and Heet cartridges range is that their unique flavour and use of tobacco loose-leaf is far more similar in taste and experience as smoking tobacco is. This makes it a great transition for the ex-smoker who wants to retain a semblance of the unhealthy habit.

High In Nicotine

These tobacco sticks are therefore higher in nicotine than your average vape liquid, and so are incredibly useful for the ex-heavy smoker. However, they might be a little too overwhelming for the more casual vaper.


The Amber Blend experience is a satisfying all-rounder, bringing the gold standard in tobacco likeness and a medium to strong strength and taste.


Whilst menthol cigarettes may now be prohibited by law, you can still enjoy the cooling lift of menthol Heets through their turquoise range. 


The Yellow blend is a curated, balanced and delicate flavoured tobacco, providing a more nuanced Heet experience that will no doubt satisfy the tobacco connoisseurs looking to kick the habit.


Using the much-acclaimed Sienna blend of tobacco, this heat not burn tobacco flavour delivers a punchy, high nicotine kick, and is one of the more intense flavours of Heet sticks.


Shedding the lighter hit of Turquoise menthol, Blue Heets are known for their intense, refreshing kick, a real wake up call for ex-menthol tobacco smokers.