IQOS Or Pod Mod?

With so many vape devices now flooding the market, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Each type has it’s own selling points and drawbacks, and provides a unique way to vape or kick your cigarette habit, and their own unique tastes and flavours to sample.

However, for those who are new to vaping, there are two types of device that best pander best to their needs. Pod mods and IQOS heat not burn devices are two of the most authentic vaping experiences on the market, providing a likeness to smoking cigarettes that other more complex vapes don’t have. Both come with their own unique setups, and indeed have many similarities, but there are very specific differences between the two that may be the deciding factor in your first vaping purchase.

What Is A Pod Mod?

A pod mod is a device that relies on simplicity of use and potency of e-liquid. Available in almost every supermarket, Cornershop and vape store in London and the UK, pod mods usually contain replaceable cartridges that are either button or inhale activated. These devices usually contain higher nicotine concentrations and equal PG/VG ratioed e-liquids, making them highly suited to ex-smokers on their first foray into vaping.

What Is An IQOS?

Functioning in much the same way as pod mods, the difference between these innovative Phillip Morris designed vaporisers, is that instead of cartridges filled e-liquid, they contain flavoured tobacco cartridges called Heets that are heated by electricity and inhaled through a tri-filter system. IQOS devices contain none of the carcinogens or toxic smoke of tobacco and cigarettes but provide the flavour and nicotine that ex-smokers might be missing from regular e-liquids.

Pod Mod Flavours

Pod mods all come with their own range of flavours, nicotine and compound balances. Some, however, are more broad-ranging than others, including JUUL systems that provide everything from caramel to blueberry flavours. With authentic tobacco flavours and unique fruity blends, there’s truly something for everyone and a pod mod to suit all tastes.

IQOS Flavours

IQOS UK devices and their Heet components, mainly focus on different tobacco blends, providing menthol lifts and deep, full-bodied options for the tobacco yearning ex-smoker. The flavours may be less focused on diversity, but they do provide the ex-smoker with, Sienna Label, Blue Label, Yellow Label and Turquoise Label flavours to help them during their first steps towards a smoke-free life.

Who Should Buy An IQOS?

IQOS devices are best for those who are new to vaping and would prefer a more tobacco focused experience. This focus provides a more limited range of products, but a simple and effective alternative that is as close to smoking as you can get.

Who Should Buy A Pod Mod?

Pod mods are another step away from tobacco compared to IQOS but still provide a lower-powered, taste and nicotine orientated vaping experience that remains tied to the sensation of cigarette smoking. With more flavours, temperature control options and different vape liquid mixes to choose from, you’re close to vaping than smoking with pod mods, but there is still a semblance of the inspiration there.