Is IQOS Less Harmful?

With so many different vaping devices out there, it can be difficult to decide on which one to begin with. Do you want to try out different e-liquids? Or do you prefer vaping something that uses tobacco products? In that case, the IQOS is ideal. But is it less harmful than vaping e-liquids?

What is an IQOS?

You only have to head into an e cigarette shop London and you’ll find IQOS products in store. In fact, there are even dedicated IQOS store London, Manchester, Cardiff – you go to any major city and you’ll find an IQOS there. That’s just a testament to the popularity of it…but what is it exactly?

The IQOS is “not a vape, not a cigarette” as it says on its website. It sells itself as an alternative to smoking, which is its key selling point. In the vaping market, it sits somewhere in the middle, in between a cigarette and a vaping device. It looks like an e-cigarette and uses tobacco, but that’s where the similarities end. As opposed to burning tobacco like cigarettes do, the IQOS heats it up instead, making it far safer than smoking but similar to vaping.

How does it work?

When we say it heats up the tobacco, that’s exactly what it does. Just like how a vape pen heats up the e-liquid, the IQOS heats up the tobacco. This way it releases the true flavour of the tobacco and nicotine, without incinerating it and creating those harmful chemicals. By using real tobacco instead of e-liquid, it makes it more satisfying for smokers who have decided to take up vaping. The HeatControl technology behind it all heats the tobacco so a user can get up to six minutes of vaping or around 14 puffs, which is a nice, safe amount.

Heating up with HEETS

In order to use an IQOS you need to use their exclusive HEETS sticks. They come in a variety of flavours and the tobacco inside is ultra compact to ensure a consistent tobacco experience. This means that when the IQOS heats up, you get the perfect amount of tobacco being heated to release an enjoyable amount of vapour. By using HEETS it also means you’re not going to be ingesting any vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol that is found in traditional e-liquids.

The safety behind it

This is the crux of it all really. The fact that IQOS uses tobacco can put off a lot of smokers or vape users as they think that tobacco is harmful. And they might have a point. However, as the tobacco is heated it’s been shown that the IQOS produces 95% less harmful chemicals when compared to cigarettes. That’s a pretty huge stat and very impressive for smokers looking to stop smoking. And the IQOS can help with that as it’s the closest experience to smoking. So by heating rather than burning, you can still enjoy tobacco without the harmful part. It’s strictly tobacco and nicotine so in a way, the IQOS definitely is less harmful. Problem solved.