JUUL Or IQOS – What Is Right For Me?

Over the last 15 years, vaporisers have seen a dramatic change. From variable current and temperature control devices to the dizzying array of pod mods and drippers, there’s a lot of choices out there. This is in part thanks to the growing demand for vape stores in London and the UK to provide many different tastes with suitable vape devices. At its core vaping is built for smoking cessation, and there are many different types of smoker out there, all with their own individual needs and tastes. The industry then must reflect this. 

For first time vapers, two of the most popular devices currently on the market are the IQOS and the JUUL. These devices have been built for discretion and high nicotine concentrations, and whilst in crucial ways, they are very different, share a lot of properties that make them perfect beginner devices. 

Indeed, you’ll find many seasoned vapers using the IQOS and JUUL, which exemplifies just how effective they are. This blog will outline how each device works, and what type of vaping experience they are best suited for. 

Getting To Know The JUUL

JUUL London stores are far spanning, meaning that you can find this popular pod mod in almost any vape retailer in the city or country. Easily attainable and instantly recognisable, the JUUL is probably the most discreet of the pod mods, being rectangular in shape and chrome in colouring. The JUUL is a simple cartridge click-in vaporiser, the pods for which come in many different flavours and nicotine concentrations. 

To work the JUUL, simply click the pod into the back of the device. When empty, the JUUL cartridge should be discarded and replaced. The JUUL is inhale activated, meaning that there is no fire button.

Getting To Know The IQOS

The IQOS is a slightly rarer vape device that won’t be sold in all vape shops but works in much the same way as a pod mod. The defining factor of the IQOS is that instead of pods, it uses compressed tobacco cartridges, which is heated into vapour rather than burnt like a cigarette. The many Heets flavours in the UK come in small cylindrical cartridges, which are heated and inhaled through a fire button activated triple filter system.

What’s The Link?

Alongside similar charging capabilities using micro USB ports, the IQOS and the JUUL have many other similarities that make them perfect for first-time vapers. Their simplicity and discrete style are two factors, while the high nicotine concentrations and vaping experiences can be likened to that of tobacco. 

IQOS And Smoking

The IQOS is probably the most similar vaping experience to smoking. This is simply on account of the cartridges it uses, the russet, teak, green, turquoise, amber, yellow and sienna HEETS. These many flavours are based on the Phillip Morris range of tobacco products and give users a vaping experience that is as close to smoking as you can get, all without the damaging effects of cigarettes. 

The Variety Of The JUUL

Whilst the IQOS HEETS suit ex-smokers who miss the sensation of tobacco, the JUUL suits ex-smokers who are looking for variety in their experience. JUUL pods come in a broad range of nicotine concentrations as well as flavours, gifting users with an ever-growing catalogue of flavours to choose from.