Keep Your JUUL Alive

The Juul is one of the most popular vaping devices around. Many of our customers love it and are often buying the Juulpods or even new pieces of equipment. But one piece of kit that’s always up for debate is which is the best portable Juul charger? Obviously you can get one that comes with your Juul when you first buy it, but like every other device, there are other chargers that can do a better job. So we take a look at the best.

Table of Contents

  1. Are you keeping your Juul charged?
    1.2 The importance of a good charge
  2. Our recommended chargers

Are you keeping your Juul charged?

Before we even begin, if you’ve got here and you’re vaping away with a Juul then you might be thinking to yourself, “hang on a minute, is my Juul charged?”. Did you just check to see if there’s any life in the battery? Did you have a quick look around to see if you’ve got your cable nearby? We’re always checking to make sure we’ve got it to hand because with the Juul, it’s essential that it’s charged appropriately.

The importance of a good charge

The Juul stands out as one of our most popular vaping devices because of its unique haptic feedback technology. Essentially, it knows when someone is puffing on it, so it heats up the heating element, allowing you to inhale the vapour. This is different to other devices which require you to hold down a button and is one of the Juul’s most unique features. But obviously, in order to make sure it works well, it needs to have a good charge.

Our recommended chargers

When you buy a Juul from us, we have the recommended charger that comes with it. However, sometimes you might need to have a spare, or you might even have multiple vaping devices and want a cross-compatible charger. That’s why we’ve looked into the best chargers for you and have whittled it down to our top three.

Number one – the Fuma J-Box. In just one hour of charging you can keep your Juul charged all day. With a digital read on it, you’ll know the status of the charge in percentage. While it’s charging your Juul, it’s in a nifty little case which can also house three extra Juul pods. Not bad for something that can easily fit in your pocket!

Number two – the Jmate P2. Unique in shape and design, the Jmate P2 definitely stands out, which is why it makes the list. Also because it can charge up a Juul up to three times in just under an hour, and can hold three extra Juulpods like the Fuma J-Box. It’s also easy to slide the Juul in and out of the Jmate to get it charging.

Number three – the Fuul. Of course we like this because of its name – Fuul and Juul! But also because it takes about 40 minutes to charge a Juul fully three times! The downside is that it’s not sleek and small and can’t fit in your pocket. But for a desk companion, it’s great.

If you ever need tips on Juul accessories or other products such as our popular e-liquids, different brands or the favourite CBD vape oil in the UK, just let us know.