Maintaining Your Dry Herb Vaporiser

Vaporisers have long since evolved from their early cigalike days, growing to include not only e-liquids but dry herb products as well. Heat not burn is not just a technique that can be used for vaping, but for ingesting loose leaf and organic products as well. Dry herb vaporisers continue to increase in popularity, thanks in part to the rise of CBD products such as CBD tinctures and CBD gummy bears, which are all made from a naturally occurring terpene in the marijuana plant.

Melding the calming benefits of CBD with the ingenuity of heat not burn devices has become far easier and mainstream-accepted in recent years. The compressed tobacco of Phillip Morriss’s smoking cessation device – the IQOS UK has been at it for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before companies such as PAX created a dry herb vaporiser perfect for loose-leaf marijuana and cannabidiol extracts. These devices pose less of a threat to the body than smoking loose leaf does and strives to generate clean yet effective vapour. To maintain the efficiency of your dry herb vaporiser, however, there are a few steps you must take to ensure that it is clean and functioning correctly.

Why Should You Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporiser?

Dry herb vaporisers heat up organic material, and like with any device that uses heat to function, the internal components that are made of metal may begin to oxidise over time. Furthermore, gunk from the organic matter and/or cannabidiol will gradually accumulate residue in the oven compartments and filters in the device. Heat not burn vaporisers pride themselves on producing cleaner vapour than tobacco smoke, and the cleaner your device, the less unhealthy your vapour will be.

How to Clean Your Vaporiser

Different brands of dry herb vape kits in London retailers will use much of the same components. These components can be taken apart and cleaned individually using a swab or pipe cleaner. Make sure to buy some cleaning alcohol such as isopropyl to get rid of the really tough grit, this will also kill any germs, keeping your device hygienic. 

Cleaning The Chamber

The chamber is the compartment of your vape device that holds your loose leaf material. Scrub this with a swab dipped in alcohol to get rid of any grit. Tougher stains and residue will be easier to get rid of if warmed up, so fire up your device for a few seconds before digging it up to ensure a thorough deep clean. 

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece can be customised and spares can be bought at our vape shop on Charing Cross Rd. It should therefore be removable and easy to clean on account of its cylindrical and hollow design. Simply thread your alcohol dipped swab through the centre of it to clean and loosen any residue that has been caught there during inhales. Cleaning the outside of your mouthpiece will kill any germs or bacteria that have spread from your mouth or surfaces where the device has been resting.

Cleaning the Filters

All dry herb vaporisers should include removable filters inside. You can take these out and clean them individually using either an antibacterial wet wipe or your isopropyl swab. Clogged filters can cause unhealthy vapour, so make sure that you clean these thoroughly.