Maintaining Your IQOS Device

Amongst the many vape devices now being sold on the market, the dry herb vaporiser has been the one that has seen the most growth in recent years. With the legalisation of CBD meaning that vape companies such as CBD Vape 4 U can sell their wares across the country, the expansion of and interest in dry herb vaporisers has only grown in the UK. 

Whilst dry herb vaporisers such as those developed by PAX labs are important tools for cannabidiol users, dry herb technology has also been utilised as a smoking cessation tool by tobacco companies themselves. The finessing of heat not burn technology means that companies such as Phillip Morris can now compete with popular vape brands like Mirage E-Liquid using devices such as the IQOS. the introduction of the IQOS and HEET cartridges has reshaped the way we view tobacco products and opened up the potential for their utilisation as a form of nicotine replacement therapy.

The IQOS is a device that has a foot in each camp. Yes, it uses compressed tobacco in cartridge form but it does not combust the tobacco, which is how the dangerous toxins associated with cigarettes are released. Instead, the IQOS heats the tobacco through a triple filter system and into a vapour that is inhaled, thus avoiding the dangerous toxins of smoke and cementing it as a unique smoking cessation tool.

But as with all smoking cessation tools, you’ll need to take care of your IQOS to maintain its effectiveness. This blog will outline how you can keep your IQOS device healthy and effective with just a few simple steps. 

Cleaning Kits And The IQOS

The IQOS starter kit also comes with a cleaning case that includes a small brush and cleaning stick. The kit includes a thin bristly and metallic cleaning tool alongside a swab for those hard to reach areas. The cleaning kits are designed to remove any residue or gunk that has built up around your heating blades and mouthpiece. Although the triple filter system inside the IQOS device removes any larger pollutants, the combination of prolonged heat exposure and vapour can lead to some residue building up around the heating blades and tobacco stick slots.

Below are some simple steps on how to clean your IQOS device using your cleaning kit. It’s important to note that you won’t have to clean your device more than once every pack of tobacco sticks – that is every 20 or so. You can order more HEETS online when you run out. 

Let It Cool 

If you’re planning on cleaning your device after using it, make sure that it has cooled down since your last use. You will be in direct contact with the heating blade and it can reach very high temperatures.

Tap And Brush It

First off, remove the last HEET cartridge that you’ve used as well as the cap. Tap the holder so that any loose tobacco falls out. Bits of tobacco may have got trapped in the cap. These can be removed with the shorter cleaning stick. 

After this, use the two-part IQOS cleaning tool to clean the cap using the shorter brush and the longer brush for the IQOS holder. Rotate the longer brush clockwise inside the holder and make sure to be gentle as the heating blade is fragile. 

Wipe The Heating Blade

If you see any residue on the blade when rotating the longer brush inside the holder, gently wipe it off. It helps to have some light available to clearly see inside the holder.