My Growing Company: Brand Review

Switzerland have given the world some of the best luxuries. Swiss chocolate. Toblerone in fact. Cheese. Watches. But more importantly for us, it’s also given us My Growing Company, a CBD, Swiss-based business that’s on a brand high at the moment. All natural, all made in Switzerland, is My Growing Company one of the foremost CBD brands in the business? It certainly seems that way.


It’s difficult to find out exactly how My Growing Company came to fruition but it’s one of those brands that has always been “there”. As the CBD market grew and grew, so too did the company and now it’s known the world over as one of the go-to places for authentic, natural CBD. And while it’d be good if we could pinpoint its origin, we’ve just come to accept that this Swiss powerhouse has perhaps been there all along. Perhaps too it wants to retain some neutrality and anonymity…but we won’t lambast them for that.

Brand identity

Perhaps one of the reasons why My Growing Company doesn’t make a song and dance about its employees, history or ethos is because it has such a strong brand in the CBD world it simply doesn’t need to. And that’s what makes them such an iconic brand – it gives us great products but lets all of its customers do the talking and promoting.

Take a quick look at the My Growing Company website and you’ll see that you can either read it in French or English, catering for the Swiss residents. But there’s an international feel to this company and they let us know that they’ll uphold their reputation. This is seen through their guarantees:

Optimum quality – each product is tested and analysed thoroughly before sale.

Responsible culture – cultures without pesticides or fungicides are guaranteed to provide a quality product that aligns with their core values.

100% legal – we should hope so! My Growing Company makes sure all products meet European legal requirements.

Guaranteed delivery – fast shipping, discreet packaging and direct delivery.

These values are promoted throughout their website and social media channels which have seen them grow a legion of fans. One of the reasons it’s become such an iconic brand is due to the colourful nature of its products too. The CBD products all boast unique characters, such as Lady Orange or Suicide Candy. These characters often have their own stories and blog posts so customers aren’t just sold CBD, they’re sold a story too. By engaging with their customers through different means, similar to how Mirage e liquids do, My Growing Company is one of the most engaging and interactive CBD brands around.

What sets them apart?

The word “grow” applies literally to every aspect of My Growing Company. The business itself is growing. Its army of fans is growing. And the edible CBD products it creates, cultivates and sells…is growing. But even more unique than that is the fact that can rent your plants. Yup, another spin on the word “grow” means you can rent land for your own cannabis plants and let them grow under the careful guidance of My Growing Company. With a company which has such a solid reputation, it’s something our customers have definitely considered.