Nic Salt Or Freebase – What Is Right For You

Whilst vaping might have been first invented way back in the 1960s’ (only to lie dormant till the early noughties), there is still a lot of research ongoing into optimizing its effectiveness as a smoking cessation tool. As Velo Nicotine Pouches and other nicotine replacement therapies become ever more popular, science is providing us with ever more methods of using it in a less dangerous way than tobacco. 

Nicotine salts are a relatively new phenomenon that has swept the world of vaping, leaving in its wake the old school freebase method of processing the addictive chemical. But is it right for you? There are many nicotine replacement therapies that still use freebased nicotine, not least White Fox nicotine pouches UK, and whilst the mentioned example is more practical in its reasons for using freebase nicotine, there are still many vaping products that utilise the freebase method. 

Both salt and freebase nicotine are available at CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop in Golders Green, but which is right for your vaping needs and how are they different?

What Is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase nicotine has been used in tobacco since the 1950s’ when it was developed by cigarette company Phillip Morris as a means of getting more of a kick out of less nicotine. Fused with ammonia, the free-based nicotine allows nicotine to be better absorbed into the blood than it would be if in its pure form. 

What Is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt was developed in 2015 by vaping company PAX Labs, improving upon freebase nicotines absorbability into the blood. This was done by effectively reversing freebase nicotine from its ammonia infused composition with a higher PH and into a lower PH using an acid such as benzoic acid. Nicotine salt solutions have been developed as both an addition to pre-filled e-liquid bottles and as nicotine shots that you can add to lower concentrated e-liquids like short fills. 

Nicotine Salt Is More Absorbent In the Blood

Nicotine salts PH means that the bloodstream absorbs more of it per inhale. Nicotine salt e-liquids are therefore more effective for high nicotine users and mean that you gain more from it than you would from freebase nicotine concentrations. 

Nicotine Salt is More Palatable At Higher Concentrations

Though it is more absorbent in the blood, nicotine salt e-liquids are in fact slower acting and trigger less of an intense rush than freebase nicotine does. In fact, nicotine salt e-liquid was created for the very purpose of making high concentrated vape juices – those of up to 50 mg per 10 ml as is legal in the US – more palatable to users. Such high concentrations might be too intense when used in a freebase solution. 

Freebase Nicotine Offers A Quicker Kick

However, for those who want their throat hits hefty, freebase nicotine might do the job better than nicotine salts. Though many go for the soft touch of salt, freebase still takes the medal for bang for your buck for nicotine rushes. 

Low Concentration Nicotine Users Will Get More From Freebase

It’s for this reason that vapers who use lower nicotine concentrations might find freebase solutions that little more satisfying. Whilst high nicotine users usually opt for salts, freebase can add that extra little punch that makes e-liquid such an effective smoking cessation tool.