Nicotine And CBD – Should You Mix Them?

Nicotine and CBD are two ingredients that are very popular in e-liquids. These chemicals have very different effects but are often sold separately, and intended for different purposes. Nicotine has always been the most prominent of selling points for e-liquids, heat-not-burn technology having initially been developed for the purposes of smoking cessation. That being said, the rise of CBD and the increasing scrutiny it’s under from researchers and medical professionals has meant that it is becoming more popular every year. 

That being said, the two chemicals are rarely used together in pre-mixed e-liquids. Nasty CBD for instance is CBD rich but nicotine-free. which begs the question should they not be mixed at all? With DIY vapers beginning to experiment with this conundrum by mixing CBD e-liquids with nicotine shots, it’s worth asking if there are any medical dangers or improvements that could come from using both vape liquid chemicals together.

Don’t Confuse CBD Vape Oil With A Tincture!

The first thing to say on the subject is that CBD vape oils and tinctures can be easily mistaken. Whilst edibles such as CBD gummies have the appearance of solid food, tongue-based tinctures come in liquid form, and so look like they could be vaped. Make sure that you don’t either add nicotine to your tincture or add the CBD tincture to your nicotine vape juice. The latter simply isn’t soluble in the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin compound mixture, and the former is poisonous when ingested.

Be Warned That Nicotine is Addictive

If you’re considering mixing your own vape juices and trying a CBD and nicotine mixture, remember that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. If you aren’t already a nicotine user, then avoid mixing it with CBD, it’ll save you a lot of time, and indeed money!

The Only Research Is THC Based

For those who are already nicotine users and might be worried about the medical side effects, the problem is that most research into the mixtures of nicotine and cannabis derivatives are solely focused on THC, the prohibited and psychoactive counterpart to CBD. A study published on the USA based National Centre for Biotechnology Information website says that THC smoked by itself can damage the memory, but that THC smoked with nicotine can actually enhance it. Take from that what you will, but there is no current information regarding the effects of CBD and nicotine.

Nicotine And CBD Shots

Nicotine and CBD shots are available independently from pre-filled e-liquid. With no current evidence to the contrary, there are no known detrimental effects of mixing nicotine and CBD, which means that you can easily try mixing a nicotine shot into your CBD e-liquid, or a CBD concentrate into your nicotine juice. 

Tastes will, of course, vary, so make sure to try and test with small amounts first. It’s also a good idea to try this e-liquid independently of your normal vape set up, so as to not ruin your pre-existing mixes if you decide you don’t like the DIY hybrid.